Stock XLT 1200 Waverunner Avg. Speed 56.5 mph @ 7050 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D XLT 1200 Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 122-12004
7050 58.5 mph
R&D XLT 1200 Aquavein Grate Kit
Part #: 112-12001
7050 59 mph
R&D XLT 1200 Pump Shoe Seal Kit
Part #: 162-00001
7050 59 mph
R&D XLT 1200 Anti Cavitation Cone
Part #: 162-12003
7050 59 mph
R&D XLT 1200 D-Plate Kit
Part #: 332-12000
7100 60 mph
R&D/Solas 12/18 Impeller
Part #: 132-01218
7100 60-61 mph



Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha XLT 1200 Performer Kit was developed to improve overall handling, reduce pump cavitation, and increase top speed performance without engine modifications! The entire Performer Kit installs quickly and easily with basic hand tools. The R&D Performer Kit is 92-Octane pump gasoline safe.

  • The R&D XLT 1200 Ride Plate has been redesigned completely over the O.E.M. plate. The new R&D Ride Plate design incorporates the R&D GP 1200R/GP 1300R style flat keel design, along with a slight angle up (rocker), also similar to the proven R&D GP 1200R/GP 1300R design! The new R&D XLT Ride Plate will handle much better on high speed turns, and will substantially increase top speed performance.

  • The R&D Aquavein Intake Grate Kit will substantially reduce cavitation, increase overall handling dramatically and add a 3 to 4 mph average top speed in choppy water conditions!

  • The R&D Pump Shoe Sealer Kit was developed to quickly and easily fill the large casting pockets left in the Yamaha XLT 1200ís pump shoe inlet. Installing the R&D Pump Shoe Sealer Kit and resealing the pump shoe will reduce low and high-speed cavitation, which will increase overall handling!

  • The R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone was developed to reduce low speed pump cavitation, which will increase acceleration and pump efficiency.

  • The R&D XLT 1200 D-Plate was designed to replace the O.E.M. Catalizer system with a simple bolt on part. The R&D Catalizer Removal Plate increases overall performance, allows you to use your choice of oils (many types of PWC oil will harm the O.E.M. catalizer) and increase top speed!

  • The R&D/Solas 12/18 Impeller replaces the O.E.M. impeller with a sleeker, better performing 3-blade design! Improved low-end response and increased top speed performance of 1 mph plus!

NOTE: Higher performing engines, and/or heavily carboned exhaust systems put out more heat, which may cause the O.E.M. Cat overheat warning sensor to activate prematurely. To deactivate the overheat sensor, install the R&D Cat Sensor Chip. Part # 802-12001

NOTE: The O.E.M. power valves are manufactured from a cast aluminum material and are notorious for shearing or breaking after 40-50 hours, creating costly engine damage! R&D manufactures a redesigned 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Power Valve, and Power Valve Lifter Arm Kit that adds low-end power, and assurance against breakage! Part # 332-12002

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