Stock VXR/VXS Avg. Speed 66-67 mph @ 7500 RPM
R&D VXR/VXS Performer Kit Avg. 70 mph @ 7800 RPM
Part # 992-01800


Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D VXR/VXS Aquavein Intake Grate
Part # 112-18020
7600 68 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Grate/Shoe Seal Kit
Part # 162-00009
7600 68 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part # 200-01805
7700 69 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Power Sleeve Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
Part # 232-18000
7750 69.5 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Pro Series Ride Plate
Part # 122-18004
7750 69.5 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Cold Air Inlet Kit
Part # 200-01806
7800 70 mph


Additional Performance Upgrades
R&D VXR/VXS R1 Reprogrammed ECU
Part # 802-02801 (Performance Option)
7950 71.5-72 mph
R&D VXR/VXS Exhaust Resonator Removal Kit
Part # 332-18005 (Performance Option)
7950 71.5-72 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha VXR performer Kit was developed to improve overall handling, pump efficiency and engine performance with easy to install entry level performance parts. Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product. The R&D VXR Performer Kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions proving its performance and reliability. The addition of the R&D Performer Kit will add 2.5 miles per hour to top speed performance and transform the Yamaha VXR into a great handling and fun watercraft with one of the best mile per gallon values on the water! Order up some fun today!

  • The R&D Yamaha VXR Aquavein Intake Grate will noticeably increase overall handling performance, significantly reduce cavitation, increase acceleration, and add 1+ mph to top end performance in flat water conditions! A 2-3 mph speed improvement (over stock) will be gained in rough water conditions. The VXR Aquavein will deliver a noticeable increase in rear end traction, and top speed stability. Low and high speed cornering stability is also significantly increased. The R&D Aquavein is a must have performance part addition. IJSBA and APBA race legal.

  • The R&D VXR Pump Shoe/Intake Grate Seal Kit will seal up all the large and loose production fit gaps in the VXR’s O.E.M. transom plate, pump shoe, and pump inlet to noticeably reduce cavitation. Positive Pump hook-up, and top speed performance are increased with a perfectly sealed pump shoe and grate system.

  • The R&D Yamaha Power Plenum Filter Kit adds increased overall horsepower to the entire Power range. Quicker low end throttle response, improved acceleration and mid range pull, and a 1+ mph top speed improvement. The secret to the R&D Power Plenum is in the built in velocity stack. The R&D Power Plenum with built in Power Velocity stack delivers superior performance over basic slip on filters and has proven to Smoke them all. The innovative R&D Filter also incorporates a port with a kit supplied 90 Degree fitting that allows the PVC hose to be connected “AND USED” to promote proper crankcase ventilation with no power Loss.

  • The R&D Yamaha VXR Power Sleeve Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit is a performance upgrade part that will further enhance horsepower over a generic ribbon removal sleeve. The R&D Power Sleeve bolts into the intake manifold and precision aligns with the throttle body’s bore to maintain a velocity stack style taper into the manifold to promote increased air velocity into the intake plenum. Improved velocity equals more power.

  • The R&D Yamaha VXR Pro Series Ride Plate was developed using many of R&D’s race proven concepts that have powered Factory Yamaha Race Teams multiple National and Pro Open World Championships. The new R&D VXR Adjustable Ride Plate delivers a perfect balance of improved straight line stability, great cornering capabilities, and the top speed performances in both flat and rough water conditions that you have come to expect from an R&D Ride Plate. The new adjustable design utilizes kit supplied shims to fine tune the performance for a perfect balance of speed/handling for rider weight or water conditions from drag to surf. The plate design utilizes the vital OEM hull protection stainless steel pads, which safely disperse the pressure loads from the ride plate over a larger area on the hull. The new R&D VXR Adjustable Pro Series Ride Plate will meet the demands in performance whether being used for weekend recreational riding, closed course racing, surf, or offshore competition. Made in the USA from cast aluminum and powder coated for corrosion resistance. No other ride plate design concepts compare to R&D, Guaranteed!

  • The R&D Cold Air Adaptor Kit is a simple kit that allows the front hatch cowling to be modified by simply boring a hole in the cowling insert (located on the bottom side of the hatch cover) and installing the R&D molded plastic hose flange adaptor with kit supplied pop rivets. The R&D Flange allows one of the existing air intake hoses to be connected to the flange. The result is an inexpensive way to ventilate the engine compartment with cool outside air. The Cold Air Adaptor kit will improve airflow to the engine allowing power and RPM gains.

  • The R&D VXR-R1 ECU Reprogramming Service will improve overall engine performance by boosting acceleration, improving mid range pulling power, and top end performance gains of up to 2 miles per hour. The engineers at R&D have developed programs that allow the enjoyment of a raised RPM limit setting, advanced ignition timing, and re-calibrated fuel mapping. The O.E.M. “low ceiling” rev limiter has been raised to 8200 to allow the engine to rev without tagging the limiter, which will allow the VXR to drive and stay hooked up in rough chop. The R&D R1 ECU Reprogramming is sure to be one of the best performance upgrades that can be added to a VXR.

  • The R&D Exhaust Resonator Removal Kit will allow the sound suppression ball to be removed and plugged. When removing the exhaust sound suppression ball and modifying the exhaust hose, low end response is gained and trapped hot exhaust gases can be evacuated quicker through less restriction or back pressure.

NOTE: For Performer Kit applications in extreme rough water or ocean use where the O.E.M. impeller is desired to be used, R&D recommends the installation of an R&D Pump Cone Kit.


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