2015-2018 VXR/VXS/ VX HO Performer-Stage 1 Kit 65 MPH @ 7600-7700
Stock VXR/VXS/ VX HO Average Speed 62-63 @ 7450-7500

Description of Parts
R&D R1 ECU Re-Program Package
Part #: 802-02801
R&D Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part #: 200-01805
R&D Solas Impeller
Part #: 132-11318

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha VXR/VXS/VX HO Performer/Stage 1 Kit was developed to significantly improve overall engine performance with easy to install entry level performance parts! Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product! The R&D Performer Kit has been a very popular kit with added engine performance that increases overall engine performance especially two passenger (2 Up)! Order up some fun today!

R&D High Performance ECU Reprogramming Services
Part #802-02801 R&D R1 ECU; Reprogrammed ECU offers improved ignition timing map advancements that produce quicker acceleration and top speed performance. The fuel maps are tuned to offer a cleaner than stock (leaner idle), clean and green cruise areas which will keep fuel consumption either the same or better than stock in the cruising ranges, and an overall improvement to top speed or wide open throttle ranges. The rev limiter is raised to allow up to 8150 RPMs that will promote a more positive pump hook up in rough water conditions. The R1 ECU programs are 87, 89, and 91octane (pump fuel) safe.

R&D Pro Flow Air Filter Kit
The R&D Power Plenum Filter Kit will add low end and mid range performance by replacing the restrictive flame arrester system with a high flow, high velocity air filter/velocity stack design combination! R&D Performance filters have been dyno tested on 4-stroke watercraft engines to in excess of 300 H.P.! R&D Power Plenum Filter Kits install quickly and easily, and add a great high performance sound!

R&D/SOLAS Pro Pitch Series Impellers
The R&D/Solas Impeller will add new found RPMs and top speeds! R&D offers two base Impeller options that installs easily and is a great replacement over damaged O.E.M. impellers.
Pt. # 132-11319 R&D/Solas 13/19 Stainless Steel Replacement Impeller which will directly replace damaged or worn O.E.M. Impellers. Works excellent in 2015 and up VXRs as a direct replacement
Pt. # 132-11416 R&D/Solas 14/16 Stainless Steel High Performance Impellers will work best as a replacement impeller for (Higher) 3000-5000 Ft. Elevations, as well in south of the equator areas where salt water is known to be heavier, as well as in air quality to be heavier on humidity.

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