Stock VX-110 Avg. Speed 51.5-52 mph @ 8050 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D VX-110 Aquavein Intake Grate
Part #: 112-00110
8050 53.5 mph
R&D VX-110 Performance Filter (for stock air box)
Part #: 200-00110
8100 54-54.5 mph
R&D VX-110 Power Plenum Filter kit (optional)
Part #: 200-00112
8100 54-54.5 mph
R&D VX-110 R&D Grate/Shoe Kit
Part #: 162-00111
8150-8200 55.5-56 mph
R&D VX-110 Anti-Cavitation Cone
Part #: 162-16000
8150-8200 55.5-56 mph
R&D/Solas 18/24 Dynafly Impeller Option
Part #: 132-01824
8100-8150 56-58 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha VX-110 Performer Kit was developed to significantly improve overall handling, pump efficiency and engine performance with easy to install entry level performance parts! Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product! The R & D VX-110 Performer Kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions proving its performance and reliability. The addition of the R & D Performer Kit will transform the VX-110 into one of the best handling, and most fun watercraft on the water! Order up some fun today!

  • The R&D Yamaha VX-110 Aquavein Intake Grate will significantly reduce cavitation, increase acceleration, and add 1 mph plus to top end performance! The VX-110 Aquavein will deliver a noticeable increase in rear end traction, and top speed stability. Low and high speed cornering stability is also significantly increased. Works great on aftermarket supercharged models as well.

  • The R&D VX-110 Performance Filter (for stock air box) will add a noticeable increase in throttle response by flowing more air than the restrictive O.E.M. filter located in the stock air plenum box. O.E.M. filters are known to be over restrictive causing sluggish low-end power! Easy to install in 5 minutes, adds a great sound tone, and adds to peak RPMs and power.

  • The R&D Power Stack Filter Kit will assemble directly on to the VX-110s throttle body by passing or replacing the O.E.M. restrictive plenum box. The R&D Power Stack will deliver cleaner and snappier throttle response, which will increase acceleration and top speed performance. The R&D Power Stack adds a great performance sound.

  • The R & D Pump Shoe Intake Grate Sealer Kit will seal up the VX-110s O.E.M. intake grate, pump shoe and pump inlet to reduce cavitation! Pump hook-up, and top speed performance are increased significantly!

  • The R&D VX-110 Anti-Cavitation Cone installs on the end of the pump, replacing the O.E.M. short cone with a new longer and reprofiled design. The Anti-cavitation cone will decrease overall low and high speed pump cavitation, and help keep the VX-110s pump hooked up, and the engine RPMs out of the rev limiter in rough or choppy water conditions.

  • The R&D Solas 18/24 Dynafly is in the testing stages. Stay tuned to the new products section for updated release and performance information of the new Solas VX-110 Impeller.

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