Stock 2014 SVHO-FZR Avg. Speed 68-68.5 mph @ 7400 RPM
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Performer Kit Avg. 72-74 mph @ 7500-7600 RPM


Description of Parts
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Aquavein Intake Grate
Part # 112-18004
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Pro Series Ride Plate
Part # 122-18002
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Grate/Shoe Seal Kit
Part # 162-00015
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR High Performance Cooling Kit
Part # 660-18002
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Pro Competition Filter Kit
Part # 200-01802
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Intake Ribbon Delete
Part # 612-17997
R&D Q50-Pro Series Surge Valve Kit
Part # 612-18010
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR Pro Series Sponson Kit
Part # 122-01804
R&D 2014 SVHO-FZR VTS Quick Shift Cam Kit
Part # 162-18010
Total: $1610.05

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha 2014 SV-FZR Performer Kit was developed to improve overall engine power consistency, handling, and pump efficiency with easy to install high performance “Bolt On” parts specifically targeted for the weekend warrior recreational enthusiast. Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product or in complete kit format. The R&D FZR Performer Kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions for performance and reliability in true hard core racing conditions. The R&D Performer Kit will add a full 4 miles per hour to top speed performance and transform the Yamaha FZR into one of the best handling, and most competitive watercraft at the beach! The R&D Performer Kit runs great top speeds on 91 octane pump Gasoline. Trust R&D, over the past 29 years, no other aftermarket company has won more Pro Stock National and World Championship Titles.

  • The All New R&D 2014 SV Yamaha FZR Aquavein Intake Grate is great top speed performance adder for the 2014 FZR! Replacing the speed robbing O.E.M. grate with the R&D Race Proven Aquavein will add some serious top speed to the SV-FZR GAURANTEED! The R&D Grate will significantly reduce cavitation, increase acceleration, and add 2 mph plus to top end performance in flat or rough water conditions. The NEW FZR Aquavein will deliver a noticeable increase in rear end traction, and top speed stability. Low and high speed cornering stability is also significantly increased.

  • The All New R&D Yamaha FZ/FZR Pro Series Ride Plate has some new speed and handling performance tricks added to increase overall handling performance without sacrificing any top speed performance.! Testing has proven to add 2+ MPH over the stock 2014 SV-FZR plate! The New R&D Speed Plate utilizes 10 years of championship winning, race proven performance tricks to re-angle the center section of the Plate 2 full degrees over stock, and incorporates a multi step Delta Design. The sides of the ride plate have been “channel relieved” for added speed and increased rear end traction.

  • The R&D SV-FZR Pump Shoe Intake Grate Sealer Kit will seal up the FZ intake grate, pump shoe and pump inlet to reduce cavitation! Pump hook-up, and top speed performance are increased significantly!

  • The R&D 2014 FZR High Performance Cooling Kit will substantially reduce engine temperatures and keep them stable and under control to 160-175 degrees allowing speed runs after speed runs to be done, or run a 15 lap main event race without severe heat fade . The O.E.M. cooling kit is definitely highly inadequate for higher boost pressure and higher rpm engine packages. Race testing on the 2014 FZR without the R&D Kit displayed a full 150-200 RPM “Drop Off” and 1+ MPH speed loss due to heat fade. “Keep your engine cool” with an R&D Cooling Kit. The R&D Cooling Kit has been the kit to use in Recreational, Off Shore, and Closed Course conditions around the world.

  • The R&D SHO/FZ/FZR Power Plenum Filter Kit will add a noticeable increase in throttle response and overall power by opening up and allowing more air flow over the super restrictive O.E.M. paper filter located in the air plenum box. O.E.M. paper filters are known to be over restrictive causing sluggish low-end power! The R&D Filter is easy to install in 15 minutes, adds a great sound tone, and adds peak rpm’s and power. The R&D Air Filter element is lifetime serviceable over the restrictive non serviceable stock filter.

  • The R&D 2014 SV-FZR intake manifold ribbon remover sleeve will unlock a 35-40 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air flow restriction by replacing the intake manifold ribbon with the R&D billet intake manifold sleeve.

  • The R&D Q50 Surge Valve Kit will eliminate the massive off throttle surge that can and will cause compressor wheel, supercharger shaft, and clutch damages and failures. Any high performance race machine with a supercharger or turbo charger installed should have a surge valve kit! The R&D Surge Valve Kit is an absolute must have part for the new 2014 SV-FZR.

  • The R&D 2014 SV-FZR Pro Series Sponson Kit offers 2 rider preferred adjustable blade positions that will accommodate settings for the recreational rider or closed course racer. The R&D precision cast aluminum backing plate and Race Inspired sponson blade will significantly improve low and high speed cornering capabilities, and add unmatched straight line stability. The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit will reduce high speed chine walking and has been tested 2 up!

  • The R&D SHO/FZ/FZR VTS Trim Driver Cam is a cam device that installs directly in place of the O.E.M. plastic VTS trim driver cam. The R&D cam is designed to recalibrate the trim position amount from an O.E.M. 7 to 8 degree per shift to a finer and speed friendly 4 degree per shift. The O.E.M. SHO/FZ neutral position setting is 85 degree or 5 degree up from horizontal zero. The new recalibrated position with the new R&D Trim Cam is 87.5 degrees or 2.5 degree up from horizontal zero. The R&D Trim Cam will deliver a more positive group of adjustments that will allow much better turning capabilities, as well as finer adjustments for rough water conditions. The R&D Trim Cam will work with the O.E.M. trim nozzle assembly, or the R&D Auto Trim Kit.

NOTE: R&D has done extensive testing with the 2014 SV-FZR and has documented the speed limiter governor to work to allow up to 11 pounds of boost on initial holeshot and reduce boost level down to 6 pounds after a 5-6 second time delay. Speeds posted in the R&D Performer Kit are 72/74 which represents a full 6 mph gain before the boost limiter engages. After the 5-6 second period, top speed will be reduced to the advertised 72 mph. R&D offers Re-programmed ECU’s that will produce stellar performance gains that will work at any performance level to offer up second to none hassle free performance. Call R&D for all the latest ECU Tunes!

NOTE: Call R&D for the latest tuning tips for both Impellor and ECU Program information and suggestions for conditions and area. R&D has many Pro Stock and Pro Limited Kits being used to win consistently in foreign countries around the world. R&D can offer suggestions for custom setups in your region.

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