Stock SuperJet Avg. Speed 43 mph @ 6300 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D SuperJet Pro Series Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 122-70102
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D SuperJet Aquavein Grate Kit
Part #: 112-70102
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D/Solas 13/17 Concord Impeller
Part #: 132-013/17
6450-6500 45 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part #: 202-00138
6700-6770 46.5-47 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The Yamaha Superjet Performer Kit was developed and tested to improve handling and overall performance with easy to install bolt on performance products. Each product in the Performer Kit was designed to be a stand alone product! The R&D 701 Superjet Performer Kit will retain a very high level of reliability, and will run on any type or brand of pump gasoline. With the R&D Performer Kit you are sure to have a Superjet that is a lot more fun to ride, and will be very easy to maintain! NOTE: When using the Power Plenum Air Filter, re-jetting the carburetors will not be necessary, unless the addition of an R&D Performance 35 cc Cylinder Head is added to the Performer Kit! R&D Performance offers the proper jetting specifications in the Power Plenums installation instructions.

  • The R&D Superjet Pro Series Ride Plate has been reshaped and extended 2.5 inches over the O.E.M. ride plate, which will substantially decrease porpoising, and enhance turning capabilities. The R&D Pro Series Ride Plate is backed by numerous National and World Championships in all stand-up divisions!

  • The R&D Superjet Aquavein Intake Grate’s patented design has been the one to beat! The Aquavein substantially reduces pump cavitation, increases overall handling, and adds a 4 to 5 mph speed average in choppy water over the O.E.M. grate!

  • The R&D/Solas 13/17 Concord Impeller will decrease low and high speed pump cavitation, and add 1 full mph plus to top speed. The R&D/Solas polished stainless steel Impeller replaces the bulky O.E.M. aluminum impeller with unmatched impeller performance advantages.

  • The R&D Superjet 701 Power Plenum Filter Kit will replace the restriction O.E.M. flame arrestor box with a light weight plenum design that will add unrestricted airflow to your O.E.M. carburetion system! No other flame arrestor flows more air or produces more horsepower than the R&D Power Plenum!

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