Stock SHO Avg. Speed 64-64.5 mph @ 7500 RPM
R&D SHO Performer Kit Avg. 70-71 mph @ 7680 RPM
Part # 992-18000


Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D SHO Aquavein Intake Grate
Part # 112-18000
7550 65 mph
R&D SHO Pro Series Ride Plate
Part # 122-18000
7550 66 mph
R&D SHO Anti-Cavitation Cone
Part # 162-18000
7500 66-66.5 mph
R&D Pump Shoe Seal Kit for R&D Grate
Part # 162-00005
7500 66-66.5 mph
R&D SHO Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part # 200-01801
7550 67-67.5 mph
R&D SHO High Flow Exhaust Kit
Part # 332-18000
7600 67.5-68 mph
R&D SHO Power Core Intake/Intercooler CFM Kit
Part # 612-18000
7700 68.5-69 mph
R&D SHO 13/23 Pro Pitch Impeller
Part # 132- 01323
7680 70.5-71 mph


Additional Performance Upgrades
R&D SHO Pro Series Sponson Kit
Part # 122-01800 (Performance Option)
7680 70.5-71 mph
R&D SHO VTS Quick Shift Cam Kit
Part # 162-18010 (Performance Option)
7680 70.5-71 mph
R&D SHO Auto Trim Nozzle Kit
Part # 162-18020 (Performance Option)
7680 70.5-71 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha SHO Performer Kit was developed to significantly improve overall handling, pump efficiency and engine performance with easy to install entry level performance parts. Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product. The R&D SHO Performer Kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions proving its performance and reliability. The addition of the R&D Performer Kit will add a full 6 miles per hour to top speed performance and transform the Yamaha SHO into one of the best handling, and most fun watercraft on the water! Order up some fun today!

  • The R&D Yamaha SHO Aquavein Intake Grate will significantly reduce cavitation, increase acceleration, and add 1 mph plus to top end performance in rough water conditions! The SHO Aquavein will deliver a noticeable increase in rear end traction, and top speed stability. Low and high speed cornering stability is also significantly increased.

  • The R&D Yamaha SHO Pro Series Ride Plate utilizes 10 years of championship winning, race proven performance tricks to re-angle the center section of the Pro Series Ride Plate to 2 full degrees over stock. The sides of the ride plate have been “channel relieved” for added speed and increased rear end traction.

  • The R&D SHO Pump Cone Kit is an inexpensive and creative bolt on part that adds extended length over the O.E.M. pump cones length, which will reduce cavitation while adding additional pump thrust. Spacing the pump cones length will add to top speed while keeping the engine rpm’s stable and out of the rev limiter! Precision cast aluminum, CNC machined, and o-ring sealed for leak free pump bearing protection

  • The R&D SHO Pump Shoe Intake Grate Sealer Kit will seal up the SHO’s O.E.M. intake grate, pump shoe and pump inlet to reduce cavitation! Pump hook-up, and top speed performance are increased significantly!

  • The R&D SHO Power Plenum Filter Kit will add a noticeable increase in throttle response by flowing more air than the restrictive O.E.M. paper filter located in the air plenum box. O.E.M. filters are known to be over restrictive causing sluggish low-end power! The R&D Filter is easy to install in 5 minutes, adds a great sound tone, and adds peak rpm’s and power. The R&D Air Filter element is lifetime serviceable over the restrictive non serviceable stock filter.

  • The R&D SHO High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a noticeable low end and mid range power feel as well as add top end performance! The R&D High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a great performance sound to the SHO while maintaining a safe and under IJSBA and Coast Guard approved 86 db!

  • The R&D SHO Intake Manifold and Intercooler CFM Kit was developed to increase airflow into and through the intake system by relieving restrictions. The R&D SHO intake manifold ribbon remover sleeve will unlock a 40 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air flow restriction by replacing the intake manifold ribbon with the R&D billet venturi sleeve. The R&D Intercooler Spacer will unlock a 30-35 CFM restriction in the intercooler. The R&D SHO Intake Kit will add low end and mid range throttle response, and a full 100 plus rpms to top end performance to a stock SHO. The R&D SHO Intake Kit is an absolute must have parts kit to remove intake restrictions before contemplating power adding compressor booster wheels or turbo charger kits to the Yamaha SHO engine. True horsepower gains on the Yamaha SHO start right here with the R&D Intake Kit. More airflow will equal more power, and there is no other way around the fact that restricted is restricted power.

  • The R&D 13/22 Pro Pitch Impeller is the answer to add top speed performance, while keeping off of the Yamaha SHO’s low ceiling rev limiter. The R&D Pro Pitch Impeller has been offshore tested to be the recreational favorite Impeller upgrade for the SHO. The R&D 13/22 Pro Pitch Impeller is a must have service when installing the R&D Intake CFM Kit.

  • The R&D SHO Pro Series Sponson Kit offers 2 rider preferred adjustable blade positions. The R&D precision cast aluminum 6 degree backing plate and a short (GP 1300 R) style sponson blade will significantly improve low and high speed cornering capabilities, and add unmatched straight line stability. The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit will reduce high speed chine walking and has been tested 3 and 4 up!

  • The R&D SHO VTS Trim Driver Cam is a cam device that installs directly in place of the O.E.M. plastic VTS trim driver cam. The R&D cam is designed to recalibrate the trim position amount from an O.E.M. 7 to 8 degree per shift to a finer and speed friendly 4 degree per shift. The O.E.M. SHO neutral position setting is 85 degree or 5 degree up from horizontal zero. The new recalibrated position with the new R&D Trim Cam is 87.5 degrees or 2.5 degree up from horizontal zero. The R&D Trim Cam will deliver a more positive group of adjustments that will allow much better turning capabilities, as well as finer adjustments for rough water conditions. The R&D Trim Cam will work with the O.E.M. trim nozzle assembly, or the R&D Auto Trim Kit.

  • The R&D SHO Auto Trim Kit was developed to accommodate the O.E.M. VTS Quick Shift System with a fully adjustable and fully automatic trim system! The R&D Auto Trim automatically drops a rider preferred and adjustable 2-8 degrees. Drive from turn to turn never worrying whether the trim is in the best position for perfect turn negotiation! The R&D Auto Trim allows you to set the trim up your way to carve perfect turn every time! For long straight rides the R&D Auto Trim System works in conjunction with O.E.M VTS, so stock trim settings are retained, while the R&D Auto Trim takes over in the turns. This combination allows the best of both worlds for recreational and closed course riding!

NOTE: For Performer Kit applications in extreme rough water or ocean use where the O.E.M. impeller is desired to be used, R&D recommends the installation of an R&D Pump Cone Kit offered, which will keep the engine rpm’s at 7450-7500, and peak speeds at approximately 67-68 mph. For extreme rough water conditions or ocean use, R&D recommends the use of the R&D 13/23 Pro Pitch Impeller (133- 01323). R&D recommends the 14/24 Pro Pitch Impeller when using the R&D Intake CFM Kit and a C3 Monster Wheel.

NOTE: R&D recommends the installation of an R&D SHO Surge Protection Kit offered, which will substantially reduce wear and tear on the O.E.M. supercharger compressor wheel and gear drive system. Automobiles with Turbo Chargers or Supercharges generally always include surge protection valves to protect the supercharger from harm full compressor surge. The R&D SHO Surge Protection Kit offered is Part # 612-18008.

NOTE: R&D Performance has measured the progressive pitch on the O.E.M. SHO Impeller and offers the following information as a reference when considering aftermarket Impeller replacements or up grades. R&D offers this information to help insure that when replacing the Impeller, the right purchase will be made, and performance demands will be spot on.


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