Stock FZ/FZR Avg. Speed 67-67.5 mph @ 7550 RPM
R&D FZ/FZR Pro Stock Kit Avg. 75.5-76.5 mph / 8.5-9lbs. @ 8300 rpm / 10lbs. @ 8500
Part # 992-18013


Description of Parts
R&D FZ/FZR Aquavein Intake Grate
Part # 112-18001
R&D FZ/FZR Pro Series Ride Plate
Part # 122-18001
R&D FZ/FZR Grate/Shoe Seal Kit
Part # 162-00007
R&D FZ/FZR Power Comp Filter Kit
Part # 200-01802
R&D FZ/FZR Pro Stock Twin Prop
Part # 132- 21810
R&D FZ/FZR Pro Series Sponson Kit
Part # 122-01801
R&D R6 ECU Reprogramming Service
Part # 802-01806
R&D Engine/Intercooler Cooling Kit
Part # 660-18001
P&D Power Core Intake Manifold Sleeve
Part # 612-17998
R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
Part # 802-00080
R&D In-Tank Fuel Pressure Block
Part # 812-35257

Total: $3208.30

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Pro Stock Class Racing Kit was developed with the hardcore closed course racer who wants nothing less than the absolute best in performance. The R&D Pro Stock Racing Kit will deliver the results you are looking for. The R&D Pro Stock Kit was used at the first 6 rounds of tour and won all six events while pulling 12 straight holeshots and 12 wire to wire wins. The FZ/FZR coupled with the R&D handling package will deliver the pump hookup, straight line stability, and hard carving turning capabilities that it takes to win races. In the horsepower department, R&D has developed OEM Ignition reprogramming and fuel maps that have proven themselves over and over to not only holeshot races, but to be there reliably when the checkered flag falls.
R&D Recommends the installation of R&D 8.6-1 Pro Forged Piston Kits for added durability over stock cast pistons. When adding higher horsepower levels to any engine through higher RPM’S, advanced ignition timing, or leaner fuel mixtures, there are increased loads and stress on the pistons. R&D Forged Pistons are much stronger than the OEM cast pistons and will hold up strong to well over 400 H.P. The new R&D 8.6-1 Forged Pistons meet the required specifications to be used in stock class competition in both APBA and IJSBA sanctioning bodies.

The fuel pressure on the Yamaha engine has been tested to vary between 47 and 52 pounds of fuel pressure. The YAMAHA service manual displays 49-52. Keeping the fuel pressure perfectly tuned will allow perfect performance.

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