Stock FZ/FZR Avg. Speed 67 mph @ 7600 RPM
R&D FZ/FZR Pro Open Kit Avg. 90+ mph / 20-24 lbs. Boost @ 9500+ RPM / Race Fuel – VP MS-109
Part # 992-18015


Description of Parts

R&D C20/24X Monster Wheel & Water-cooled Supercharger Housing Kit
Part # 612-25007 or 612-25010

R&D Billet Super Clutch Shaft Kit
Part # 612-19200

R&D Pro Series Racing Intercooler
Part # 612-18005

R&D/Tial 50mm Surge Valve
Part # 613-95263

R&D R12 ECU Reprogramming Service
Part # 802-01812

R&D Power Core Intake Manifold Sleeve
Part # 612-17998

R&D FZ/FZR Pro Open Twin Prop
Part # 132-21816

R&D FZ/FZR Aquavein Intake Grate
Part # 112-18001

R&D Pump Shoe Seal Kit
Part # 162-00007

R&D FZ/FZR Pro Series Ride Plate
Part # 122-18001

R&D FZ/FZR Anti-Cavitation Cone
Part # 162-18000

R&D Multi-Port Boost Adaptor
Part # 612-92005

R&D FZ/FZR High Flow Exhaust Kit
Part # 332-18000

R&D FZ/FZR Pro Comp 4” Filter Kit
Part # 200-01803

R&D Engine/Intercooler Cooling Kit
Part # 660-18001

R&D R&D Sponson
Part # 122-01801

R&D Auto Trim Drop Nozzle
Part # 162-18020

R&D Quick Shift Cam Kit
Part # 162-18010

R&D/CP 9.5-1 High Performance Forged Pistons
Part # 432-19951

R&D High Performance Connecting Rods
Part # 672-18000

R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
Part # 802-00080

R&D In-Tank Fuel Pressure Block
Part # 812-35257

R&D 1000cc H.P. Fuel Injectors
Part # 812-18002

R&D O2 Sensor Mount Kit
Part # 332-18010

R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears
Part # 612-93008
R&D RC3 Racing Cam Kit (Regrind)
Part # 612-93011
R&D Dual Valve Spring Kit
Part # 612-93001

R&D Bottom Spring Retainer Cups
Part # 612-93006

R&D Valve Spring Shim Kit .020”
Part # 612-93004

Total: $12,528.26

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Pro Open Class Racing Kit was developed with the hardcore closed course racer who wants nothing less than the absolute best in performance. The R&D Pro Open Racing Kit will deliver the results you are looking for when racing National Tour or World Finals Racing Events. The R&D Pro Stock, Pro Limited, and Pro Open Kits have been extensively tested and winning races and setting quick E.T. records around the world in many divisions. Designed to operate on race gas only.

MoTeC E.C.U. systems have tuning maps set up for any fuel or racing situation or combination of parts. The testing and development of new maps will be ongoing.
Contact R&D quarterly for updated information regarding higher levels of performance. To load tuning maps and download logging files it will be necessary to order the (sold separately) MoTeC UTC Adaptor Kit (USB to CAN) MoTeC part #61059. To view and evaluate vital engine performance information such as RPM, LAMBDA, Air Intake Temperatures, Engine Temperatures…etc, it will be necessary to order the Logging and Lambda features when purchasing the MoTeC E.C.U.. The MoTeC I2 Logging Software is a very powerful and necessary tool that can be used to evaluate engine performance and can be used to evaluate RPM and AFR changes when changing Impellers, injectors, adjusting fuel pressures...etc. Race hard and race to win with R&D and MoTeC.


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