Stock '05-'08 GP 1300R Waverunner Avg. Speed 64.5 mph @ 7050-7100 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D GP1300R Ride Plate
Part #: 122-13000
7050-7100 66.5 mph
R&D GP1300R Ride Plate Trim Pads
Part #: 122-13001
7050-7100 67 mph
R&D GP1300R Aquavein Grate Kit
Part #: 112-12002
7050-7100 67 mph
R&D GP1300R Pump Shoe Seal Kit
Part #: 162-00000
7050-7100 67 mph
R&D GP1300R L/H Anti-Cavitation Cone
Part #: 162-16000
7050-7100 67 mph
R&D GP1300R D Plate Kit
Part #: 332-12000
7100-7150 67.5 mph
R&D GP1300R H2O Flow Control Kit
Part #: 370-13000
7100-7150 67.5 mph
R&D/Solas 14/20 Dynafly Impeller
Part #: 142-11420
7000 68-68.5 mph
R&D GP1300R Pro Series Sponson Kit
Part #: 122-13100
7000 68-68.5 mph



Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D 2005 Yamaha GP 1300R Performer Kit was developed to improve overall handling, reduce pump cavitation, and increase top speed performance without engine modifications! The entire Performer Kit installs quickly and very easily with basic instructions and hand tools. The new 2005 Yamaha GP 1300Rs engine platform is significantly different over previous 2003/2004 models. Yamahas new engine platform does not have the electronic Y.P.V.S. (Yamaha Power Valve System), and Yamaha has redesigned the exhaust system to a new lower RPM based design to offset the loss of the power valves! Also new for 2005 is the new larger hub 6 vein pump, which smoothes out acceleration and overall power delivery. The new pump design also has better overall pump efficiency, which produces higher peak speeds at lower RPMs. The result of these changes has given the pros at R&D a real challenge to develop an all new line of performance kit packages that deliver the levels of performance expected and compared to the 2003/2004 GP 1300Rs. The new line of R&D Performance kits for the 2005 GP 1300R vary in product design and application over its predecessor, however the performance in the end is every bit as good or better than the earlier models with better handling performance! The R&D GP 1300R Performer Kit will retain great reliability, and is 89-91 Octane pump gasoline safe.

  • The R&D GP 1300R Ride Plate is extended and re-angled over stock to reduce porpoising while adding top speed. The R&D GP 1300R Ride Plate is the only aftermarket design to dominate in Offshore, National, and World Championships, and to be used and endorsed by Factory Yamaha racing teams for 5 years!

  • The R&D Ride Plate Trim Pads are redesigned and extended over stock to reduce porpoising while adding top speed performance in rough water conditions. Smoother high speed cornering is also significantly enhanced.

  • The R&D Aquavein Intake Grate Kit will substantially reduce impeller/pump cavitation, dramatically increases overall handling, and adds a 3 to 4 mph average top speed in choppy water conditions by keeping the pump loaded and hooked up.!

  • The R&D Pump Shoe Sealer Kit was developed to quickly and easily fill the large casting pockets in the O.E.M. Yamaha GP 1300Rs pump shoe inlet. Installing the R&D pump shoe sealer kit and resealing the pump shoe will reduce low and high-speed cavitation, which will increase overall pump efficiency and performance!

  • The R&D L/H (Large Hub) Anti-Cavitation Cone was developed to reduce low and high speed pump cavitation, which will increase acceleration and pump efficiency, as well as keep the pump hooked up and out of the rev limiter in choppy water conditions!

  • The R&D GP 1300R D-Plate was designed to replace the O.E.M. Catalizer system with a simple bolt on higher performing part. The R&D Catalizer Removal Plate will reduce the extremely high exhaust gas temperatures associated with a catalizer system. A noticeable increase in overall low-end performance and top speed, and allows you to use your choice of oil injection system oils!

  • The R&D H20 Flow Control Gasket assembles in the lower portion of the exhaust catalizer housing, which will restrict the excessive amount of water flowing into the water resonator. The new R&D H20 Flow Control Gasket will deliver cleaner and snappier throttle response, which will produce quicker acceleration, and stronger mid range power.

  • The R&D/Solas 14/20 Dynafly Impeller replaces the O.E.M. 3-blade impeller with a sleeker, better performing high-performance polished design! Improved low-end response and increased top speed performance of 1 mph plus!

NOTE: To properly install the R&D Ride Plate, or use the Solas 14/20 Dynafly Impeller, it will be necessary to install the R&D 87 mm 1300R Series Venturi Nozzle. Part # 162-13587. If the R&D 87 mm Venturi Nozzle is not used with the new Solas 14/20 Dynafly the result will be a much lower RPM and peak speed than posted. A box stock 05 GP 1300R with a Solas 14/20 Dynafly will have an RPM reading of approximately 6850.

NOTE: Higher performing engines, and/or heavily carboned exhaust systems put out more exhaust heat, which may cause the O.E.M. Cat overheat warning sensor to activate prematurely. To deactivate the Cat overheat sensor, install the R&D Cat sensor chip. Part # 802-13001

NOTE: The 2005 GP 1300R engine platform does not have a Y.P.V.S. Power Valves system unlike the 2003 and 2004 Yamaha GP 1300s. To achieve low end acceleration and mid range power performance noticed on 2003-2004 GP 1300Rs, R&D suggests the addition of the R&D Fuel Injection Fuel Controller!

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