Stock '05-'07 GTX/RXT 4TEC Avg. Speed  63.5-64mph @ 7950 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 4TEC Aquavein Grate
Part #: 113-95000
7950 64.5 mph
R&D/Solas GTX/RXT 4TEC 14/19 Concord Impeller
Part #: 133-01419
7650 65.5-66 mph
R&D GTX/RXT 4TEC 2.5 Degree Pump Wedge Kit
Part #: 143-95004
7750 67-67.5 mph
R&D Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 4TEC S/C Filter Kit
Part #: 203-00255
7900 68.5-69 mph
R&D GTX/RXT Crankcase Breather Kit
Part #: 203-00216
8050 69.5-70 mph
R&D Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 4TEC Pump Cone Spacer Kit
Part #: 163-95200
7850 69.5-70 mph
R&D GTX/RXT Auto Trim Steering Nozzle Kit
Part #: 163-95003
7650 71 mph
R&D GTX/RXT Sponson Kit
Part #: 123-95101
7650 71 mph
R&D O.P.A.S Removal Kit
Part #: 123-95002
7950 71 mph



Parts/Kit Overview

The 2005 Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 215 H.P. 4Tec Stage 1 kit was developed and tested to increase top speed performance while eliminating impeller/pump cavitation that lead to the constant and annoying hitting of the RPM limiter in rough water conditions. The R&D Stage 1 kit delivers a great increase in low, mid-range and top speed performance while improving overall handling and stability. Sea-Doo’s low ceiling RPM limiter-hitting condition in the 2005 high horsepower Sea-Doo models has been eliminated with the new R&D GTX/RXT Aquavein Intake Grate, R&D/Solas 14/19 Concord Impeller and the new R&D Pump Cone Spacer Kit. The R&D Stage 1 Kit is very easy to install and is available at a very reasonable price! Each part in the Stage 1 Kit can be used individually as a “stand alone” product, as long as the new Solas RXT 14/19 Concord Impeller is installed first. With the new 2005 R&D Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 215 4Tec Stage 1 Kit you can expect to receive a very noticeable top speed performance gain, with great reliability, and at a very reasonable cost. The 2005 GTX/RXT 215 H.P. Stage 1 Kit will cover the 2005 GTX limited edition, and the RXT.

NOTE: The Sea-Doo GTX 4Tec models do not have any form of stock variable trim system. R&D Performance offers a fully adjustable automatic trim system that is one of the finest parts that can be bolted on and preference adjusted to give the rider of any caliber or weight the type of ride they want. Part # 163-95003

  • The new R&D Aquavein Intake Grate will keep your Sea-Doo GTX/RXT’s pump loaded and hooked up and off the rev limiter to improve handling and top speed performance. Improved straight-line stability and smoother, tighter turning capabilities will be noticed instantly! Also, there is zero speed loss with the R&D aquavein grate. In fact, speed improvements have been noted.

  • The new R&D/Solas 14/19 Concord 4-blade Impeller has a superior, high-performing polished finish. Performance gains include reduced cavitation, increased acceleration and a 1-2 mph top speed improvement.

  • The R&D 2.5 degree Pump Reduction Nozzle Wedge Kit was developed to wedge the reduction nozzle up 2.5 degrees on the new Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 215 H.P. supercharged models to reduce hunting or bow searching at top speeds. The R&D Pump Wedge Kit will increase straight-line stability and will add a 1-1.5 mph top speed gain! The R&D 2.5 degree reduction nozzle wedge kit works excellent with the new 2005 GTX/RXT’s 2-position adjustable steering nozzle, allowing either a preferred 87.5 or 85 degree steering nozzle angle setting.

  • The R&D GTX/RXT “Supercharger” Filter Kit was designed and developed exclusively for the new Sea-Doo 185 H.P. and 215 H.P. 4Tec supercharged models. The R&D Filter Kit will unleash restricted low-end, mid-range and peak horsepower trapped in the O.E.M. air filtration system and intake ducting. The new filter kit will sound good, look great, and will add 100 plus peak RPM’s to your tachometer reading, which will add 1-1.5 mph to your top speed performance.

  • The R&D Crankcase Breather Kit will add a high performance look to the GTX/RXT’s engine compartment. The R&D Crankcase Breather Kit eliminates power-robbing crankcase fumes from the engines main air intake. Cleaner mass air equals more power!

  • The new R&D GTX/RXT Pump Cone Spacer Kit is an inexpensive and creative way to extend the pump cones length, which will reduce engine rpm’s while adding additional pump thrust. Spacing the pump cone will add to top speed while keeping the engine rpm’s our of the rev limiter.

  • The R&D Auto Trim Kit was developed to offer the GTX/RXT 4Tec models a necessary feature it does not have stock, a fully adjustable and fully automatic trim system. The R&D Auto Trim automatically drops to a rider preferred adjustable 2-8 degrees. Drive from turn to turn with the trim automatically in the best position for perfect turn negotiation. The R&D Auto Trim allows you to set the trim up your way to carve perfect turns every time. The R&D Auto Trim is a great feature for recreational and closed course riding. The R&D Auto Trim system comes complete with a precision cast aluminum pro series steering nozzle, which is reshaped and resized to offer reduced cavitation through turns and adds 1 mph in top speed.

  • The new GTX/RXT Pro Series Sponson Kits main feature includes an ultra strong cast aluminum CNC machined backing plate, which is far superior over plastic backing plates with furniture inserts for threads! The R&D Sponson Kit offers 2-position sponson blade adjustability, which will guarantee this kit to out perform any other 1 up, 2 up, or 3 up. The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit offers a smoother more predictable ride with much better low and high speed turning capabilities. Track tested and race proven!

  • The R&D O.P.A.S. Removal Kit was developed for closed course, and off-shore competition to improve turning, rough water handling, and top speed.

NOTE: The Sea-Doo GTX/RXT 215 4Tec supercharged performer kit development, tachometer, and top speed information posted was gathered after an initial 5-mile warm-up to stabilize engine temperatures. All testing was performed exclusively with Chevron 91 octane pump gasoline at 500 feet above sea level. Ambient air temperature during testing in April was between 75 and 85 degrees.

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