Stock RXP-X 4TEC Avg. Speed  67-68 mph @ 8000 RPM
R&D RXP-X Performer Kit Avg. Speed 75-76.5 mph @ 8150 RPM


Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D RXP-X 4TEC Aquavein Intake Grate
Part #: 113-95005
8050 71-71.5 mph
R&D RXP-X 4TEC 1 Degree Pump Wedge Kit
Part #: 143-95006
8100 71.5-72 mph
R&D RXP-X 2010+ Anti-Cavitation Cone
Part #: 163-95012
8100 72.5-73 mph
R&D RXP-X 84mm Reduction Nozzle
Part #: 173-25584
8100 73.5-74 mph
R&D RXP-X Super Impeller Nose Cone Kit
Part #: 133-02550
8100 73.5-74 mph
R&D RXP-X High Flow Exhaust Kit
Part #: 333-80255
8150 74.5-75 mph
R&D RXP-X Power Plenum Kit
Part #: 203-00255
8180 75-75.5 mph


R&D RXP-X Pro Series Sponson Kit
Part # 123-95101 (Performance Option)
8180 75-75.5 mph
R&D RXP-X Auto Trim Steering Kit
Part # 163-25500 (Performance Option)
8200 75.5-76 mph
R&D O.P.A.S. Recreational/Offshore Kit
Part # 123-95000 (Performance Option)
8200 75.5-76 mph
R&D RXP-X 14/24 Pro Pitch Solas Impeller
Part # 133-01424 (Performance Option)
8150 76-76.5 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The 2008 R&D Sea-Doo RXP-X 255 H.P. 4Tec Performer kit was developed and tested to increase top speed performance by an impressive 6-7 plus miles per hour while eliminating impeller/pump cavitation in rough water conditions. The R&D Performer kit delivers a great increase in low, mid-range, and top speed performance while improving overall handling and stability. The R&D RXP-X Aquavein Intake Grate will add 2.5 - 3 miles per hour alone while substantially increasing pump hook up. The R&D Performer Kit is very easy to install and is available at a very reasonable price! Each part in the Performer Kit can be used individually as a “stand alone” product. With the new R&D Sea-Doo RXP-X Performer Kit you can expect to receive a noticeable top speed performance gain, with great reliability, at a very reasonable cost! The R&D RXP-X Performer Kit is sure to be the new recreational “king of speed” on your local lake.

  • The R&D Aquavein Intake Grate kit will keep your Sea-Doo RXP-X’s pump loaded, hooked up, and off the rev limiter to improve handling and top speed performance! Improved straight-line stability and smoother, tighter turning capabilities will be noticed instantly! Also, there is zero speed loss with the R&D Aquavein Grate. In fact, speed improvements of 2.5 -3.5 have been documented by R&D customers in both flat and rough water conditions.

  • The R&D RXP-X 1 degree pump reduction nozzle wedge kit was developed to wedge the reduction nozzle up 1 degree on the new Sea-Doo RXP-X 255 to reduce hunting or bow searching at top speeds. The R&D pump wedge kit will increase straight-line stability and will add a 1 plus mph top speed gain! The R&D 1 degree reduction nozzle wedge kit works excellent with the RXP-X’s O.E.M steering nozzle, VTS Trim, OPAS System, and retains the use of the stock reverse gate.

  • The R&D RXP-X Anti-Cavitation Pump Cone Kit is an inexpensive and creative bolt on part that adds extended length over the O.E.M. plastic pump cones length, which will reduce cavitation while adding additional pump thrust. Spacing the pump cones length will add to top speed while keeping the engine rpm’s stable and out of the rev limiter! Precision cast aluminum, CNC machined, and o-ring sealed for leak free pump bearing protection.

  • The R&D RXP-X 84mm Pump Reduction cone will reduce the venturi size from a short O.E.M. 87mm large bore design to a plus .750 over stock venturi length with a final venturi size of 84mm. Increased hook up, stronger acceleration and mid range, improved top speed performance.

  • The R&D RXP-X Super Impeller Nose Cone was developed to replace the O.E.M. rubber impeller cone known to break, tear, or come unscrewed causing low speed impeller cavitation and top speed losses, with a shorter, stronger, higher performing design. Replace the O.E.M. rubber cone, or the long Solas cone with a shorter, stronger, higher performing billet aluminum design. The R&D Super Impeller Cone will promote overall impeller/pump performance and reliability.

  • The R&D RXP-X High Flow Exhaust kit was developed to reduce exhaust gas restrictions by re-routing and shortening the O.E.M. exhaust track length. The R&D Exhaust Kit removes the plastic sound suppression box and re-routes the exhaust gases to flow under the intercooler thus shortening the exhaust outlet length by 24 full inches. The R&D Kit will reduce air intake temperatures over stock by not routing hot exhaust hoses around the air intake hoses. CNC mandrel bent .070 thick wall aluminum tubing will add a nice high performance tone while maintaining a sound level below the IJSBA and Coast Guard required 86 db. More power, more speed, and a nice sound.

  • The R&D RXP-X High Performance Power Plenum Air Filter Kit was designed and developed exclusively for the new Sea-Doo RXP-X 255 H.P. 4Tecs new high flow intake system design. The R&D filter kit will unleash restricted low-end, mid-range and peak horsepower trapped in the O.E.M. air filtration system and intake ducting by relieving the air intakes main restriction. The new R&D Filter Kit installs in place of the O.E.M. main air box plenums restrictive air intake cover. Replacing the O.E.M. air box intake cover with the R&D Filter offers a very economical way to improve airflow CFM at a fraction of the cost compared to other aftermarket kits. Sounds good, looks great, saves cash and will install in minutes. The R&D Filter Kit is easy to remove for dealer maintenance visits.

  • The R&D RXP-X Pro Series Sponson Kits main feature includes an ultra strong cast aluminum CNC machined backing plate, which is far superior over plastic backing plates with furniture inserts for threads! The R&D Sponson Kit offers 2-position sponson blade adjustability, which will guarantee this kit to out perform any other 1 up, 2 up, or 3 up! The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit offers a smoother more predictable ride with much better low and high speed turning capabilities! Track tested and race proven!

  • The R&D RXP 215 Auto Trim Kit was developed to accommodate the O.E.M. VTS System with a fully adjustable and fully automatic trim system! The R&D Auto Trim automatically drops a rider preferred adjustable 2-8 degrees. Drive from turn to turn never worrying whether the trim is in the best position for perfect turn negotiation! The R&D Auto Trim allows you to set the trim up your way to carve perfect turn every time! For long straight rides install the R&D VTS/Holeshot Driver Rod, which works in conjunction with the R&D Auto Trim to electronically override the Auto Trim back to the O.E.M. VTS Nozzle angle trim settings! The combination allows the best of both worlds for recreational and closed course riding!

  • The R&D O.P.A.S. recreational/offshore kit was developed to assist the Sea-Doo’s O.P.A.S. fins to a new relocated position, which will increase handling at top speeds in rough water conditions. The O.P.A.S. directional fins work at all times just like stock, however, the O.P.A.S. fins are relocated to a slightly higher position, which will work significantly better through low and high speed (partial throttle) sweeping turns. At wide open throttle the O.P.A.S. fins move up. In rough water conditions where pump pressures drop or are reduced due to cavitation, the O.P.A.S. fins will not drop as low as stock, which is why high speed stability and better top speed averages are gained in rough water conditions!

  • The R&D Pro Pitch 14/24 Solas Concord 4-blade Impeller is a custom Pro Pitch Tuned impeller that meets the performance demands of the R&D Performer Kit. R&D stocks a complete line of Pro Pitch Impellers that are guaranteed to out perform out of the box Solas impellers. R&D maintains the superior, high-performing polished finish that comes on every Solas impeller. Performance gains include reduced cavitation, increased acceleration and a 1-2 mph top speed improvement in rough water conditions.

NOTE: For Performer Kit applications in extreme rough water or ocean use where the O.E.M. impeller is desired to be used, along with the R&D 1 degree wedge kit, and high-performance air filter kit, R&D recommends the installation of an R&D Pump Cone Spacer Kit offered, which will keep the engine rpm’s at 8000- 8050, and peak speeds at approximately 73-74 mph. The .200 pump cone spacer kit offered by R&D is Part # 163-95200. For extreme rough water conditions or ocean use, R&D recommends the use of the R&D 14/24 Pro Pitch Solas Concord Impeller (133-01424).

NOTE: R&D Performance has tested, data logged, and documented that the 2008 RXP-X has an overall slightly richer fuel map in the 2000 through 8000 rpm range installed in the E.C.U. over the previous 2004-2008 Sea-Doo RXP units. R&D has also observed the Air to Fuel ratio to be lean (13.3-13.5) above 8000 rpms. R&D suggests that the R&D Powershot Fuel Control Unit be installed on all 2008 RXP-X Sea-Doo’s using the R&D Performer Kit. R&D in house and Independent tests on 2008 RXP-X’s have proven that fine tuning the RXP-X 255 engines fuel map with the Powershot Fuel Controller, the RXP-X will deliver quicker acceleration and better overall top speed averages with added engine reliability. R&D suggests the Powershot Fuel Controller as a great performance and reliability adder. R&D Part # 803-95003

NOTE: R&D recommends the installation of an R&D RXP-X Surge Protection Kit offered, which will substantially reduce wear and tear on the O.E.M. supercharger clutch assembly. Automobiles with Turbo Chargers or Supercharges generally always include surge protection valves to protect the supercharger from harm full compressor surge. The R&D RXP-X Surge Protection Kit offered is Part # 613-95255.

NOTE: R&D Performance has measured the progressive pitch on the O.E.M. Impeller and offers the following information as a reference when considering aftermarket Impeller replacements or up grades. R&D offers this information to help insure that when replacing the Impeller, the right purchase will be made, and performance demands will be spot on.
Progressive Pitch 13-17 over 145 degrees
Progressive Pitch 23 degrees over the last 15 degrees
Total blade length in degrees is 160 degrees
Total blade pitch average 13/17/23
R&D Pro Pitch RXP-X 14/17/24 (Recreational Use) 14/17/25 (Supercharger Modifications)

NOTE: The R&D RXP-X 255 4Tec supercharged performer kit development, tachometer, and top speed information posted was gathered after an initial 5-mile warm-up to stabilize engine temperatures. All testing was performed exclusively with Chevron 91 octane pump gasoline at 500 feet above sea level. Ambient air temperature during testing in March was between 75 and 85 degrees. These test results may change as we continue to gather data, and monitor O.E.M. stock boat speed averages, and production impeller consistencies. The information posted in the R&D Performer Kit are averages. In many cases we hear of feedback from Sea-Doo owners with performer kit packages reporting of higher speeds than posted.


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