Stock 2011-2013 RXT-X 260 Avg. Speed 67.5 (67-68) mph @ 7850 RPM / 7 lbs. Boost
R&D RXT-X 260 Stage 1 Kit Avg. Speed 74.5 (74-75) mph @ 8100/8150 RPM / 10 lbs. Boost


Description of Parts
R&D R1 ECU Reprogram (must send in the OEM ECU to program)
Part #: 803-01501
R&D Pro Pitch Impeller 14/21 or 14/22
Part #: 133-01421/133-01422
R&D Aquavein Intake Grate
Part #: 113-95006
R&D Sponson Kit
Part #: 123-95110
Total: $1642.50
Performance Upgrade over Stage 1 Kit, See R&D Stage 2 Kit

Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D RXT-X 260 Stage 1 Kit delivers an impressive increase in acceleration and adds up to 7 MPH top speed performance while improving overall handling, pump hook up, and straight line stability. The R&D Stage 1 Kit maintains the integrity of “Stock Reliability” by keeping RPM’s low and it’s pump gas friendly. The R&D Stage 1 Kit is very easy to install and is available at a reasonable retail price. Each part in the Kit can be used individually as a “stand alone” product.

  • The R&D ECU Reprogram Service is one of the first performance upgrades that should be done to the new RXT-X 260. The RXT-X ECU has an internal top speed governor that’s GPS controlled to only allow 67-68 mph. The GPS speed governor controls the throttle plate to modulate and restrict airflow into the intake plenum. The throttle plate modulation controls and limits the boost pressure to 7 pounds. The R&D ECU Service is a vital and necessary key to unlocking and adding performance to the new Sea-Doo 260 engine platform. Whether you are a recreational enthusiasts or an off shore racer who is interested in more performance, the R&D ECU is an absolute “Must Doo” Upgrade.
    The R&D R1 ECU Reprogram produces some great performance gains through its advanced ignition timing, re-calibrated fuel map, increased rev limit to 8450, removed GPS speed control, eliminated acceleration governor (starts in sport mode), and eliminated boost limiter to allow maximum boost pressure to be reached. With the 8450 rev limiter and removal of the GPS control, the O.E.M. boost pressure (7 pounds) is allowed to be boosted up to 10 plus pounds. The R1 ignition timing safely maximizes performance with 91 octane pump gas allowing the Sea-Doo 260 engine to accelerate much quicker out of the hole and pull harder through the mid range with significant speed gains. NOTE: The R&D R1 ECU can be ordered with either 8350 or 8450 rev limiter sequence settings. Contact the Pro’s at R&D to find out what’s best for your personal performance package or program updates.

  • The R&D RXT-X 260 Aquavein Intake Grate kit will keep your Sea-Doo RXT-X’s pump loaded, hooked up, and off the rev limiter to improve handling and top speed performance. Improved straight-line stability and smoother, tighter turning capabilities will be noticed instantly. Top speed improvements of 2.5 -3.5 have been documented by R&D customers in both flat and rough water conditions. The R&D RXT-X Intake Grate’s Race Technology Inspired Wing concept will efficiently load the impellor/pump at all speed ranges to promote maximum acceleration performance.

  • The R&D RXT-X Pro Series Sponson Kit will increase top speed stability in rough water conditions, as well as add increased and improved turning performance. The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 sponson has a unique stock feature that is tabbed as a “decelerator fin”. The decelerator fin does a good job of keeping the RXT-X stable at slow cruising speeds with a stock engine package. However, who needs a decelerator fin when you want to accelerate hard and go faster? The Pros at R&D have incorporated into the R&D Sponson lots of race inspired technology to keep the RXT-X 260 ultra stable at top speed, corner sharp and smooth, and actually increase acceleration from zero to 30 mph by leaving the “decelerator fin” out of the design. R&D has done all this without loosing any of the cool inside lean handling performance the RXT-X 260 is admired for. The R&D Sponson Kit offers 2-position sponson blade adjustability, which will guarantee this kit to out perform any other 1, 2, or 3 up. The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit offers a smoother more predictable ride with much better low and high speed turning capabilities. Track tested and race proven! Kit comes complete with all hardware and instructions.

  • The R&D/Solas 14/21 Pro Pitch Impeller is a custom Pro Pitch Tuned impeller that meets the performance demands of the R&D Stage 1 and Performer Kit. The R&D/Solas 14/21 is custom tuned and tested to work exclusively with the R&D Boost Box, R1, R2, and R3 ECU Programs. R&D stocks a complete line of Pro Pitch Impellers that will to out perform “out of the box” aftermarket impellers. Performance gains include reduced cavitation, increased acceleration and improved top speed. Call R&D for other custom impellor pitch options that will work with your choice of ECU rev limit settings, or riding environment and conditions. NOTE: R&D Recommends the 14/21 impellor for 90-110 degree weather conditions, and the 14/22 impeller for 60-85 degree weather conditions.

NOTE: R&D recommends the installation of an R&D RXT-X Surge Protection Kit offered, which will substantially reduce wear and tear on the O.E.M. supercharger clutch assembly. Automobiles with Turbo Chargers or Supercharges generally always include surge protection valves to protect the supercharger from harmful compressor surge. The R&D RXT-X Surge Protection Kit offered is Part # 613-95258.

NOTE: The R&D RXT 260-X Stage 1 kit development, tachometer, and top speed information posted was gathered after an initial 5-mile warm-up to stabilize engine temperatures. All testing was performed exclusively with Chevron 91 octane pump gasoline at 500 feet above sea level. Ambient air temperature during testing in March was between 75 and 85 degrees. These test results may change as we continue to gather data, and monitor O.E.M. stock boat speed averages, and production impeller consistencies. The information posted in the R&D Stage 1 Kit are averages. In many cases we hear of feedback from Sea-Doo owners with performer kit packages reporting of higher speeds than posted.


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