Stock SXR 800 Avg. Speed 49 mph @ 6850 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D Ride Plate
Part #: 121-80000
6850 49.5 mph
R&D Aquavein Scoop Grate
Part #: 111-80000
6850 49.5 mph
R&D Pump Shoe Seal Kit
Part #: 161-80000
6850 49.5 mph
R&D 6 Degree Timing Advance Kit
Part #: 441-75001
6950 50 mph
R&D 29cc Pro Series Head Kit
Part #: 411-80029
7000-7050 51 mph
R&D Power Plenum Air Filter Kit
Part #: 200-00800
7100 51.5 mph
R&D Reed Valve Stuffer Kit
Part #: 271-75000
7100 51.5 mph
R&D Reed Valve Spacer Kit
Part #: 251-75010
7100 51.5 mph
R&D/Solas 14/23 Dynafly Impeller
Part #: 131-01423
7100 52 mph
Factory Pipe SXR 800 Exhaust Kit
Part #: 000-00000
7350 54-55 mph
R&D SXR 800 Handle Pole Spring Kit
Part #: 521-80000
R&D SXR 800 Rapid Ratio Steering Plate Kit
Part #: 521-80010



Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Kawasaki SXR 800 Stage 1 Kit was developed to improve overall handling significantly, and increase the entire power range with safe and reliable bolt on parts. All of the accessories listed in the Stage 1 Kit install easily and will perform well on their own individually. The R&D Stage 1 Kit tested rigorous and has proven to be a weekend warrior kit! The R&D Stage 1 Kit will run reliably and detonation free on 92-Octane rump gasoline.

  • The R&D Kawasaki SXR 800 Ride Plate was developed in conjunction with the Factory Kawasaki race team to produce a product that could go to the winner’s circle in both limited and pro superstock classes! The ride plate has also proven itself to be a favorite! The R&D Plate is extended over stock to reduce porpoising, and has the factory rectangle slot for maximum traction.

  • The R&D Kawasaki SXR 800 Aquavein gets a grip on the water with two patented scoop veins to load plenty of water into the Kawasaki pump! R&D’s exclusive patented technology has been used by Factory Kawasaki for many years to dominate in Pro stand up! No other grate performs better on an SXR 800!

  • The R&D Pump Shoe Sealer Kit will completely fill the large molding voids in the O.E.M. intake shoe, and match up to fill the large gap between the O.E.M. pump shoe and the pump housing. The R&D precision molded Pump Shoe Seal is manufactured from high grade PVC rubber, installs easily, and will help reduce pump cavitation.

  • The R&D Timing Advancer Kit was developed to relocate the O.E.M. pulsar coil located inside the flywheel cover. The R&D Advancer Plate Kit advances the entire ignition map 6 degrees, which will produce more horsepower throughout the entire RPM range! The R&D timing advancer kit is backed by 2 National and 3 World Championships in the pro limited class. The R&D Timing Advancer Kit posts identical peak horsepower dyno numbers compared to expensive aftermarket igniters.

  • The R&D Pro Series Head Kit was developed to raise the engine’s compression ratio to safe levels more reliably and economically. Cylinder heads machined out of precision cast aluminum have proven on the dyno to have much less heat and detonation over expensive billet heads! When comparing price, performance, and reliability, cast heads win every time! The R&D heads incorporate “O” ringed design, and are girdle kit optional. Part # 411-75000

  • The R&D Power Plenum Filter Kit was developed to replace the restrictive O.E.M. filter box with a high performance design that will have zero air flow restriction! The R&D Power Plenum Kit is complete with C.N.C. machined billet velocity stack adaptors, which incorporate the pro-lock design! The R&D Power Plenum Kit adds to low-end acceleration, and installs easily.

  • The R&D Reed Valve Stuffer Kit was developed to increase air velocity and volume through the intake manifold and reed valve, and will add significantly to low-end, mid-range, and acceleration. The R&D Reed Stuffer design has been used for over 12 years in pro level competition and remains the number one selling O.E.M. reed valve option for all Kawasaki’s!

  • The R&D Reed Valve Spacer Kit will relocate the reed valves to a longer intake track and add to crankcase volume! The combination of a longer intake track and added crankcase volume will add a significant boost in Low-end acceleration! The R&D Reed Valve Spacer Kit works especially well with the Factory Pipe exhaust kit!

  • R&D/Solas 14/23 Dynafly Impeller will reduce cavitation, and add to top speed performance.

  • The R&D SXR 800 Handle Pole Spring Kit incorporates an industry first design, which allows the handle pole spring tension to be adjusted to suit any type of riding style. For example, multi-time National and World Champion Jeff Jacobs prefers less spring tension in rough water conditions, and more spring tension in flat water conditions. The R&D adjustable Handle Pole Spring Kit will work with any aftermarket handle pole utilizing the O.E.M. spring. Billet aluminum construction, anodized for corrosion resistance, and installs easily in minutes.

  • The R&D SXR 800 Rapid Ratio Steering Plate was designed to increase steering nozzle turning ratio with three adjustable steering cable ball pivot positions (Stock, plus 8 mm, and plus 16 mm). The R&D Steering Plate also has a redesigned stop system, which will allow the steering plate to be relocated 1” Forward. NOTE: Must use the R&D twin position sub-plate position for 1” relocation capabilities. Part # 521-80010

  • The Factory Pipe SXR 800 Exhaust Chamber Kit is a great addition to all the R&D SXR 800 kits! Tremendous horsepower gain throughout the entire RPM range and a 250 to 300 RPM gain on top-end performance! Teamed up together Factory Pipe and R&D technology combined has been a driving force behind Factory Kawasaki’s racing efforts and results!

NOTE: Internal carburetor rejetting is necessary with the R&D Kawasaki SXR 800 Stage 1 Kit. The Factory Pipe products jetting specifications will work great in the SXR 800 Stage 1 kit.

NOTE: To achieve the peak RPM and peak speed posted in the information categories, it will be necessary to bore the O.E.M. reduction nozzle plus 1 to 2 mm. Most recreational riders and pro limited racers bore the reduction nozzle more than 2 mm to gain more low-end acceleration.

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