FX HO High Performance ECU Reprogramming Services

R&D is proud to announce our new Yamaha FX HO ECU reprogramming services. The research and development team at R&D have been testing and developing ECU programs to allow new performance levels to be reached for the recreational enthusiasts. Entry level programs will allow the enjoyment of a raised RPM limit setting, advanced ignition timing, and a re-calibrated fuel map. Ignition timing is altered to safe performance levels that will allow the use of 89 and 91 octane pump gasoline (depending on performance levels). Custom program files can also be performed to accommodate just about any combination of performance level. R&D strongly suggests that AFR tuning be periodically verified using Innovate Products LM1 or LC1 Logging Kit also available from R&D.

Part # 802-02805 R&D ECU R1 Reprogramming

R&D Cam Tensioner Gasket

R&D's new Cam Tensioner Gasket has a metal reinforced center that enables it to be reusable.

Pt. # 080-21025

FX HO High Performance Racing Cylinder Sleeves

R&D High Performance Racing Sleeves are made to precise specifications specific for the Yamaha FX HO Supercharged engine. R&D Racing Sleeves install easily and properly using the flanged “top hang” register design. The “top hang” design when installed and seated properly will not drop or slip which will allow 100 percent head gasket contact for a positive head gasket seal. R&D Racing Sleeves are manufactured from the highest grades of centrifugally cast “Molly 2000” Chrome Molly Iron Alloy to provide superior strength and hardness. Trouble free installation, boring, and honing using kit supplied installation instructions and tips on final hone specifications for O.E.M. cast and R&D Forged Racing Piston Kits are included. When the time comes to repair wavy, scored, seized, or worn cylinders trust the pros at R&D. We have been re-sleeving race engines for over 40 years.

Pt. # 432-18000

EZ-Slide Bunk Glides

The new R&D EZ-Slide Bunk Glides are designed to mount directly on the top side of the trailer bunks creating a new low friction slippery surface that allows the watercraft to glide on or off the trailer, making loading and unloading a personal watercraft easy. Designed and molded from high density urethane to significantly support the hull surface for proper trailering. The EZ-Slides are black in color and come in a six piece set complete with stainless steel button head mounting hardware. One set needed per watercraft. Order a set today and take the work out of loading and unloading your watercraft.

Pt. # 001-00122

FX HO Powershot Adjustable Fuel Tuner

R&D Performance Products, U.S.A. announces the release of the new R&D Powershot fuel injection tunning module and fuel controller. The R&D Powershot fuel injection tuner will deliver increased horsepower, acceleration, and stronger mid-range performance by delivering a higher performing air to fuel ratio (A.F.R.) to the engine. Many of today’s high performance fuel injected four stroke muscle craft have a lean A.F.R. R&D Performance has tested, documented, and analyzed the O.E.M. fuel maps on every current fuel injected four stroke watercraft, and pre-programmed and coded the new R&D Powershot fuel injection control module to safely alter the O.E.M. fuel map to a higher performing and safer A.F.R. (richer). More horsepower, greater acceleration and stronger mid-range are the result when the proper A.F.R. is achieved and is tuned for optimum performance.

The R&D Powershot is fully adjustable on the fly (with the engine running, observed and tuned while riding), and will accommodate a wide range of adjustability to properly performance tune the A.F.R. for any combination of aftermarket parts. The R&D Powershot will add horsepower, reliability, and adjustability to any electronic fuel injected two or four stroke watercraft engine.

*For competition use only!

Pt. # 802-16001

R&D Front Cover Gasket

R&D's new Front Cover Gasket features a metal reinforced center that enables it to be reusable when servicing the oil pump.

Pt. # 080-21024

MoTeC M400 ECU

MoTeC E.C.U. systems offer a plug and play design that utilizes all dash functions and start/stop switch and have tuning maps set up for any fuel or racing situation or combination of parts. The testing and development of new maps will be ongoing. Contact R&D quarterly for updated information regarding higher levels of performance.

To load tuning maps and download logging files it will be necessary to order the (sold separately) MoTeC UTC Adaptor Kit (USB to CAN) MoTeC part #61059. To view and evaluate vital engine performance information such as RPM, LAMBDA, Air Intake Temperatures, Engine Temperatures, etc, it will be necessary to order the Logging and Lambda features when purchasing the MoTeC E.C.U.. The MoTeC I2 Logging Software is a very powerful and necessary tool that can be used to evaluate engine performance and can be used to evaluate RPM and AFR changes when changing Impellers, injectors, adjusting fuel pressures...etc. Race hard and race to win with R&D and MoTeC.

Engine Tuning Features
• Windows based ECU Manager tuning software with user definable screen layouts more
• Individual cylinder tuning of both fuel delivery and ignition timing
• Suits modern engines, including those with coil per cylinder ignition
• 4D fuel and ignition tables for engine mapping based on three channels ‡
• Fully selectable input channels for all tables, including internal channels ‡
• Fully configurable axis points on all tables ‡
• Highly configurable crank and cam trigger inputs to suit almost all OEM sensors and tooth patterns
Free access to wideband Lambda and data logging for initial tuning. Available for the first 8 hours engine running time
• R&D offers a services to program the ECU to have a kit specific file or tune and the MoTeC ECU will arrive to you with plug and play performance for your R&D Racing engines’ set up. Service cost is $300.00

Additional Distinct Features
• Suitable for engines requiring the latest complex control functions, such as:
• Continuously variable camshaft control (up to 2 inlet and 2 exhaust cams)
• Drive by wire throttle control
• Capable of all other modern control functions, such as:
• Traction control
• Overrun boost enhancement (anti-lag)
• Boost control
• Dual stage injection (Hi/Lo injection)
• Fully configurable sensor inputs including custom calibrations
• Configurable receiving and transmitting data via the CAN bus
• Capable of receiving data from multiple Lambda measurement devices via CAN
• Integrated advanced diagnostics, including injector & crank trigger diagnostics
• Switchable between multiple configurations ‡
• Ref/Sync capture displayed on the built-in digital oscilloscope ‡

Data Acquisition
• Internal data logging (512 kB) with fast download via CAN
• Three engine histogram logs including a tell-tale log ‡
• State of the art i2 Standard or i2 Pro data analysis software

Upgradable with optional functionality to make additional features available when you want them, activated through a simple password system.

For Racing Use Only

Pt. # 802-01800

FX HO Aquavein Intake Grate

The R&D Yamaha FX HO Aquavein Intake Grate Kit has been designed and developed to deliver the ultimate handling and top speed performance in recreational, offshore, and closed course race conditions. The R&D FX HO Aquavein has been extensively offshore, race track, 1 and 2 up recreational tested to offer reduced cavitation and maximum pump hook up in any condition. The R&D FX HO Aquavein will deliver noticeably quicker acceleration, higher top speed performance and a much smoother and more predictable ride over the OEM intake grate in rough water conditions. Low speed and high speed turns are a breeze with new found control. The secret to the R&D Aquavein’s performance is in its patented, award winning, and championship winning wing design. The proven R&D top loader Aquavein wing concept has been used exclusively by Factory Kawasaki and Yamaha racing teams to win every Pro 1200 and Open World Championship for a full decade! Bolt on an R&D FX HO Aquavein top loader intake grate and experience why R&D is the top selling intake system worldwide.

Pt. # 112-18000

FX HO Pro Series Ride Plate

The R&D Yamaha FX HO Pro Series Ride Plate was developed using many of R&D’s race proven concepts that have powered Factory Yamaha Race Teams to Pro Open World Championships. The new R&D FX HO Ride Plate delivers a perfect balance of increased top speed performance, improved cornering capabilities, and superb straight line stability. Increased top speed performance of .50 to 1 MPH over stock, and compromises nothing when turned loose in rough water conditions. “Let the big dog eat” as they say, the R&D plate loves rough water! Bow search with full fuel loads is alleviated completely. The new R&D FX HO Pro Series Ride Plate will meet the demands in performance whether being used for weekend recreational riding, closed course racing, or offshore competition. No other ride plate design concepts compare to R&D! GUARANTEED.
  • 1 MPH top speed improvement
  • Race proven designs for over a decade
  • Unique multi-step concept
  • Improved straight line stability
  • Significantly improved cornering
  • Reduced chine walking on high speed sweepers
  • Drives through chop with superior stability
  • Retains reverse gate mounting and operation

Pt. # 122-18000

FX HO Sponson Kit

The new R&D Yamaha FX HO Pro Series Sponson Kit was designed and developed with all new generation performance concepts in mind to deliver a whole new level of handling and speed performance with offshore and closed course race proven adjustability options. The R&D Pro Series Sponson Kits have been extensively offshore, race track, and 1 and 2 up recreational tested to guarantee a comfortable setting for any riding style or condition! The R&D Sponson Kit will deliver higher top speed performance and a much smoother and more predictable ride over O.E.M. sponsons. Low speed and high-speed turns are a breeze with new found control. The secret to R&D’s new generation concept is in the backing plate design with an aftermarket first, low pressure, low friction concept that breaks up and relieves speed robbing drag within the sponson’s backing plate channel. The new R&D design staggers the sponson blades fins water trapping area to pick up less water in the front and more in the back. The stagger/step-up concept greatly reduces chine walk in high speed corners, while allowing more rear end grip. There is also a higher end recreational/race setting with enough grip for the best of pro’s! Finally there is an aftermarket sponson kit that really does it all! More top speed due to less drag, less chine walking, racer preferred rear end grip, and unmatched straight line stability.

Pt. # 122-01800

FX HO Power Core Intake Manifold Sleeve

The R&D Power Core Intake Manifold Sleeve Kit was developed to increase airflow into and through the intake system by relieving restriction. The R&D Intake Manifold Sleeve replaces the OEM intake ribbon producing a 40 CFM increase in air flow. The R&D billet sleeve mounts into the intake manifold and extends up into the throttle body creating a superior Venturi effect. The R&D Intake Kit will add low end and mid range throttle response, and a full 100 plus rpms to top end performance to a stock FX HO. The R&D Intake sleeve is an absolute must have part to remove intake restrictions before contemplating power adding compressor booster wheels or turbo charger kits to the Yamaha FX HO engine. True horsepower gains on the Yamaha start right here with the R&D Intake Kit. More airflow will equal more power. See R&D Intercooler CFM kit Pt. # 612-17999 for more added air flow.

Pt. # 612-17998

R&D/Innovate Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Professionally tune your engine with complete confidence. The new gauge utilizes Innovate’s patented 100% digital wideband technology that is faster and more accurate than analog designs. To put this into perspective, at 8000rpm the Digital MTX gauge will see a change in air/fuel ratio 24 revolutions of the crankshaft sooner than all other gauges on the market! Several new features have also been added to the gauge design including an integrated wideband controller for simplified installation. By integrating the wideband controller within the gauge, the 02 sensor can now be plugged directly to the gauge via the 8 foot long interface cable. In addition, the included O2 sensor is compatible with all popular fuel types and can be quickly and easily calibrated to compensate for sensor wear, changes in atmosphere or other variables. A newly designed gauge body features a weatherproof o-ring seal that protects the gauge from water, dirt, or other elements. To allow for a customized look, each kit also includes 2 gauge bezels (black/silver) and 2 faceplates (black/white) that are completely interchangeable. Take the guess work out of tuning, recommend by R&D to tune all high performance 4-stroke watercraft.


• The only 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology available (Patented)

• Water Resistant 52mm (2 1/16”) round dash-mountable casing is perfect for automotive, powersports, marine, and demanding racing applications.

• Built-in “Direct Digital™” Wideband Controller reduces wiring and simplifies installation.

• Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included.

• Wideband O2 sensor (included) is compatible with all fuel types including leaded and unleaded gasoline, diesel, methanol and E85.

• Instant and dead-on accurate sensor calibration. Easy user calibration that compensates for sensor wear and for barometric correction.

• The Innovate system utilizes sensor feedback to determine when the sensor is damaged. The gauge will display an error as opposed to erroneous data displayed by other systems.

• (2) 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with engine management systems “closed-loop” and external data loggers.

• Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle style gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display.

• Data log on your PC using the included LogWorks software.

• Serial IN and OUT ports allows for easy connection with Innovate’s “Modular Tuning System” or other compatible devices.

Pt. # 900-04378

FX HO Multi-Pressure Port Boost Gauge/Surge/RRFPR Adaptor Kit

The R&D Yamaha FX HO Multi-Pressure Port Adaptor Kit will allow quick and easy hook up of digital or manual boost gauges with the R&D Multi-port billet adaptor. The R&D Pressure Port Adaptor installs between the MAP sensor and the MAP sensor bracket as a “bolt on” part with no modifications. The adapter has two ports that allow for the operation of a vacuum/boost gauge, check plenum air temperatures, operate a surge protection valve, and operate a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator (RRFRP), or any two of these applications at the same time with one simple part. The R&D Pressure Port Adaptor Kit comes complete with longer MAP sensor mounting screws, o-ring seals, nylon cable ties, all mounting hardware and instructions.

Pt. # 612-92005

O2 Sensor Mount Kit

The new R&D O2 Sensor Mount Kit allows for easy installation of an AFR gauge into the Yamaha exhaust system. It simply replaces the OEM plug and installs directly into the OEM exhaust pipe without any modifications. Kit comes complete with installation tool. Fits Yamaha SHO, FX-140, FX HO, GPR, and VX 110. AFR gauge sold separately.

Pt. # 332-18010

FX HO High Flow Exhaust Kit

The R&D FX HO High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a noticeable low end and mid range power feel as well as add top end performance! The R&D High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a great performance sound to the FX HO while maintaining a safe and under IJSBA and Coast Guard approved 86 db!

Pt. # 332-18000

FX HO Power Plenum Flame Arrester

The R&D High Flow Filter design replaces the restrictive stock filter inside the OEM air box. This is the only performance filter that utilizes the water resistant OEM air box, allowing improved air flow. Why? Because replacing the OEM paper filter element with the R&D high flow filter allows more air flow which equals more power and improved performance. The washable and reusable design means this will be the last filter you will ever have to buy.

Pt. # 200-01800



FX HO High Performance 8.6-1, 9.5-1, and 10.5-1 Forged Piston Kits

R&D Yamaha Forged Racing Piston Kits have been developed for the hard core race enthusiasts or precision engine builders who are looking to gain maximum horsepower and reliability from their racing engines. R&D offers high quality forged aluminum, heat treated, and CNC machined racing pistons in stock 8.6-1 or 9.5-1, 10.5-1, and 11-1 compression ratios to replace O.E.M. cast aluminum pistons known to be less reliable in high performance, high heat conditions. High horsepower marine engines with high boost pressures are more prone to have detonation over conventional racing engines due to sustained loads. Forged pistons in marine applications are a must. Whatever performance platform you are planning to build, trust the pros at R&D with all your compression ratio, boost, and engine management needs.

R&D recommends upgrading to our High Performance Pistons and Rods in applications producing over 300 H.P. @ sustained RPM's 8,000+.

• Direct replacement piston kits for High H.P. applications
• High quality forged materials replace low performance cast
• Improved ring seal with Nascar Style ring sets
• Increased RPM’s and horsepower by reducing weight
• Works great with high boost compressor wheels and turbo kits
• Retains O.E.M. wrist pins

Pt. # 432-18861 for 8.6-1 compression, OEM Replacement for SHO/FZR (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-18951 for 9.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-18105 for 10.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-18111 for 11-1 compression, OEM Replacement for VXR/VX HO

Pt. # 432-19861 for 8.6-1 compression, OEM Replacement for SHO/FZR (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-19951 for 9.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-19105 for 10.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit)
Pt. # 432-19111 for 11-1 compression, OEM Replacement for VXR/VX HO

Carrillo High Performance Rods

Carrillo is recognized as one of the finest manufactures of connecting rods for high performance engines. Carrillo connecting rods are a precision, high strength, quality product that reflects the optimum balance between lightweight and durability. The Light weight forged design is substantially stronger and lighter than the OEM rod and will deliver the strength needed to perform reliably under high horsepower supercharged and turbo applications. Rod kit comes complete with Silicone Bronze wrist pin bushing and high strength fasteners.

Pt. # 672-18000 (4 Rod Set)

R&D Engine Cooling Kit

The R&D Yamaha FX HO Engine Cooling Kit was developed for high performance recreational and racing use. Extensive engine cooling and inlet air temperature testing using both MoTeC I2 and Innovate digital logging systems has proven the R&D High Performance Cooling Kit to offer double the water volume flow with increase pressure through the engines cooling system. The O.E.M. cooling system has a very low water pressure (10 P.S.I. at 7600 rpm’s) and a low water volume flow. The R&D Cooling Kit arrives 100 percent complete with pre-cut hoses, “T” connectors, dual line pump block, through hull bulkhead fittings, hose clamps, water by-pass fittings, the thermostat removal sealing washer, and detailed instructions with pictures.

• Better throttle response, increased horsepower
• Cooler header and under seat temperatures
• Increased power with cooler air inlet temperatures
• Cooler cylinder and cylinder head will reduce knock
• Cooler oil will lubricate better and last longer
• Increased engine protection
• Improved clutch performance with cooler oil

Pt. # 660-18001

R&D Flywheel Welding Service

R&D offers flywheel welding to add strength and support to the OEM rivets that are prone to working loose on higher horsepower applications.

Call for pricing.

FX HO 725 CC/1000 CC Pro Series Fuel Injector Kit

R&D Pro Series injectors offer increased fuel delivery over our 525cc injectors.  The new Pro Series injectors are offered in 725cc and 1000cc flow rates.  Each set of injectors have been flow rate and voltage comp tested to insure linear accuracy and are shipped with a precision dead time (voltage compensation) chart that can be added into your aftermarket ECU’s software program under battery compensations. R&D Pro Series injectors offer perfectly clean linear response performance from low idle all the way through the entire power range. R&D has tested and verified the OEM Yamaha FX HO injectors to be 80 percent peaked on stock units at sea level without modifications. R&D Pro Series fuel injectors with a higher atomization spray pattern are easily capable of delivering fuel flow specifications to accommodate 400-500 horsepower!

R&D has flow rate tested the O.E.M. Yamaha
FX HO injectors and verified them to flow 396 cc at 43 PSI of fuel pressure, which rates them to flow 39 pounds of fuel per hour. The R&D Pro Series Fuel Injectors have been precision flow rate tested to 725cc at 43 PSI of fuel pressure, and 925cc at 70 PSI of fuel pressure, which rates them to flow as much as 92 pounds of fuel per hour. R&D fuel Injectors perform excellent, delivering precise fuel flow at fuel pressure ratings ranging from 40 to 80 PSI.  Each R&D injector set is packaged complete with all installation hardware, necessary harness interface connectors, voltage compensation chart, and instructions.

Pt. # 812-18001  R&D Pro Series 725cc Injectors (set of 4)
Flow Rate: 725cc at 43.5 pounds of fuel pressure= 72 pounds per hour fuel flow
Flow Rate: 925cc at 70.0 pounds of fuel pressure= 92 pounds per hour fuel flow

Pt. #812-18002  R&D Pro Series 1000cc Injectors (set of 4)
Flow Rate: 1000cc at 43.5 pounds of fuel pressure=100 pounds per hour fuel flow
Flow Rate: 1225cc at 70.0 pounds of fuel pressure=120 pounds per hour fuel flow

FX HO High Performance Fuel Injector Kit

When boosting the horsepower on the Yamaha FX HO four stroke fuel injected engine, whether using high compression pistons, cams, or higher ratio supercharger compressor wheels, it will be necessary to increase the fuel flow delivery. The OEM Yamaha FX HO injectors have been precision flow rate tested to be 80 percent peaked on stock units at sea level without modifications. R&D offers high performance fuel injectors with a higher atomization spray pattern that are easily capable of delivering fuel flow specifications to accommodate up to 400 horsepower!

R&D has flow rate tested the O.E.M. Yamaha FX HO injectors and verified them to flow 396 cc at 43 PSI of fuel pressure, which rates them to flow 39 pounds of fuel per hour. The R&D High Performance Fuel Injectors have been precision flow rate tested to 525cc at 43 PSI of fuel pressure, and 625cc at 70 PSI of fuel pressure, which rates them to flow as much as 62 pounds of fuel per hour. R&D High Performance Injectors have been flow rate tested to perform excellent, delivering precise fuel flow at fuel pressure ratings ranging from 40 to 80 PSI. R&D offers only the highest quality fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, and fuel management accessories, for all your engine management needs.

Pt. # 812-18000

FX HO High Performance High Volume Fuel Pump Kits

R&D Performance carries a complete line up of high performance replacement fuel pumps that are machined specifically to fit the Yamaha FX HO fuel pump housing and are offered in a variety of flow ratings to facilitate from basic low cost replacement to an all out 500 H.P. race machine. All R&D FX HO fuel pumps have been precision flow rate tested and charted in (LPH) liters per hour. R&D FX HO fuel pumps arrive complete with Yamaha FX HO model specific installation instructions complete with detailed photos that will help make the fuel pump installation quick and easy. NOTE: There are no modifications necessary to install the R&D fuel pump therefore switching back to the O.E.M. fuel pump assembly is quick and easy as well.

Pt. # 812-35190 R&D FX HO 190 LPH OEM Replacement Fuel Pump Kit
Pt. # 812-35255 R&D FX HO 255 LPH Low Pressure Fuel Pump Kit
Pt. # 812-35256 R&D FX HO 255 LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit

FX HO In-Tank Fuel Pressure Regulator Block Off Kit

R&D offers a Fuel Pressure Regulator Block off Kit which will allow the OEM stock in tank fuel pressure regulator to be removed, blocked off, and replaced with a billet part which is mandatory when installing an aftermarket externally adjustable fuel pressure regulator system. The OEM in tank fuel pressure regulator is fixed to maintain 40-43 pounds of fuel pressure at all times. For high performance applications where horsepower is boosted, it is necessary to install larger flowing fuel injectors and be able to tune the fuel pressure up or down as needed. Most factory race teams are running 65 plus pounds of fuel pressure along with higher flowing fuel injectors and externally adjustable pressure regulators. The R&D Fuel Pressure Blockoff Fitting is the answer to quickly replace and block off the port. R&D has a complete line up of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, fuel gauge, and fuel hose accessories all designed specifically for the Yamaha FX HO. All R&D fuel injection parts and products meet Coast Guard, I.J.S.B.A., and APBA approval.

Pt. # 812-35257

Upgrade Kit

Complete Kit

R&D Tunable Raising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator

The R&D Tunable Raising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator enables the “raising rate” portion of the fuel pressure to be tuned. With the addition of two volume plates and three jets that change the internal volume and pressure the “raising rate fuel pressure curve” can be manipulated. The regulator comes with a baseline setup, which contains no volume plates or jets. The baseline setup will provide a larger increase in fuel pressure as boost increases. If a lower slope (leaner) is desired, the volume plates and jets can be installed to tune the raising rate fuel pressure. The regulator utilizes a tunable pressure relief port to lower the slope of the curve to dampen pressure transitions. Kit comes complete with a graph page indicating the increase in fuel pressure as boost increases with and without the volume plates and jets installed.

NOTE: Tuning the rising rate is necessary to be able to tune out rich spots in the fuel curve caused by varying intercooler performance.

Pt. # 802-00081 Tunable Raising Rate Upgrade Kit (for R&D RRFRP) Retail $135.95
Pt. # 802-00082 Tunable Raising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit Retail $425.00

FX HO Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

R&D offers a Yamaha FX HO model specific fuel pressure regulator system allowing custom fuel pressure tuning to the EFI fuel systems fuel pressures. The R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator System offers a wide range of setup possibilities making it the only fuel pressure tuning system you will ever need. Base fuel pressure is adjustable from 5 to 80 PSI. The R&D fuel pressure regulator can also be set up to allow “rising rate” fuel pressure at a 1 to 1 ratio (One pound of fuel pressure gain over base for every pound of boost gain). R&D offers two types of fuel pressure regulator set ups. Part #802-00080 will come completely assembled and ready to install. The R&D Pro System is 100 percent complete, installs directly to the top of the fuel tank, and connects directly to the fuel rail with OEM security lock connectors with no modifications. For the R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator only use part #801-25010, which comes complete with 90 degree barbed brass fittings for use with push on type hose and Oetiker style clamps for security. R&D offers high performance fuel hose that can be purchased by the foot, as well as the Oetiker style clamps. The R&D bypass style regulator system is capable of handling any fuel pump up to 250 GPH. Replace “Deadhead” regulator performance and experience the full flow volume and rock steady fuel pressure that only a dynamic R&D fuel pressure regulator kit can produce. Available for Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki watercraft.

• Fuel pressure will rise on a 1:1 ratio when boost referenced
• All ports are 3/8” NPT, with one inlet, 3 outlets, and one return port on the bottom.
• Beautiful type II bright dip anodized finish.
• Bypass design produces the ultimate, dynamic fuel delivery system.
• 3/8 pipe tapped for standard or AN fitting ready.
• R&D offers pre-assembled #4 AN hose to finish off a return system.
• R&D offers fuel hose by the foot for custom routing.

Pt. # 802-00080

R&D #4 & #6 Fuel Return Line Kit

R&D has developed a two larger fuel return line kits for the FX HO. Increasing the diameter of the fuel return line to #4 or #6, decreases line pressure and increases fuel volume, yielding increased tuning ability in high heat and higher performance applications.

Pt. # 612-00082 #4 Fuel Return Line
Pt. # 612-00083 #6 Fuel Return Line

R&D Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge Adaptor

The R&D Fuel Pressure Gauge Adaptor Tool is designed to be a plug in fuel pressure gauge that needs no modifications to install and use. Simply disconnect the OEM locking fuel connector from the fuel rail and plug the gauge tool directly into the connector. Plug the locking connector supplied on the R&D tool onto the fuel rail and lock. Use the tool to verify fuel pressure and fuel pump condition. Use the tool to set and verify base fuel pressure settings on the R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator (RRFPR). When finished, disconnect the tool and reconnect the stock fuel line. The adaptor installs inline between the OEM fuel rail and the R&D RRFPR via the OEM connectors for easy connect and disconnect. The R&D Tool works on both Yamaha and Kawasaki fuel systems. Installation time is only 2 minutes. Liquid filled fuel pressure gauge sold separately.

Pt. # 612-00081 Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge Adaptor
Pt. # 900-02180 Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge

FX HO Auto Trim Nozzle Kit

The R&D FX HO Auto Trim Kit was developed to accommodate the O.E.M. VTS Quick Shift System with a fully adjustable and fully automatic trim system! The R&D Auto Trim automatically drops a rider preferred and adjustable 2-8 degrees. Drive from turn to turn never worrying whether the trim is in the best position for perfect turn negotiation! The R&D Auto Trim allows you to set the trim up your way to carve perfect turn every time! For long straight rides the R&D Auto Trim System works in conjunction with O.E.M VTS, so stock trim settings are retained, while the R&D Auto Trim takes over in the turns. The combination allows the best of both worlds for recreational and closed course riding!

Pt. # 162-18020

FX HO Performance Exit Nozzle

The new R&D cast aluminum exit nozzle is designed to fine tune the pump and prop to maximize performance and rpm. The new R&D exit nozzle is available in 2.5 and 5 degree up sweep angles. The 5 degree positive angle lightens the nose of the craft and adds top speed; this is great for recreational use. The 2.5 degree delivers improved performance in rough water conditions by producing more nose pressure to drive the hull through the bumps; this design is perfect for closed coarse and offshore competition. Both types are available in bore sizes of 80, 80.5, 81, and 81.5. *Custom bore sizes from 80 to 90 available at no extra charge, specify size when ordering. The nozzle also offers 4 extra bosses that can be drilled and tapped for extra cooling fittings. The maintenance free R&D cast aluminum one piece construction exit nozzle is the better alternative to a removable ring design. With the new R&D nozzle the OEM reliability and safety is retained, because there is not a removable ring sleeve to vibrate loose, falls out, and get wedged in the steering nozzle, creating a whole new definition to the term “bucking”.

Pt. # 162-82800 2.5 degree / 80mm
Pt. # 162-82805 2.5 degree / 80.5mm
Pt. # 162-82810 2.5 degree / 81mm
Pt. # 162-82815 2.5 degree / 81.5mm

Pt. # 162-85800 5 degree / 80mm
Pt. # 162-85805 5 degree / 80.5mm
Pt. # 162-85810 5 degree / 81mm
Pt. # 162-85815 5 degree / 81.5mm

** Custom bore sizes available at no extra charge, specify size when ordering**

FX HO Anti-Cavitation Cone

The R&D FX HO Anti-Cavitation Pump Cone Kit will reduce overall internal pump cavitation within the Yamaha's offset reduction/compression nozzle design. The O.E.M. reduction/compression nozzle is offset, while the O.E.M. pump cone/bearing cap remains straight which causes uneven pressures within the pump and reduction nozzle. The R&D Anti-Cavitation Pump Cone is offset and reshaped to match the O.E.M. reduction nozzle offset promoting even pressures, which will substantially reduce cavitation, increase pump hook up, boost acceleration, and increase top speed performance.

Pt. # 162-18000

Drive Shaft Holding Tool

The R&D Drive Shaft Tool is necessary to properly secure the drive shaft in a vise to remove and replace the prop.

Pt. # 132-55100

FX HO Hydro Force Steering Nozzle

R&D's new Hydro Force Steering Nozzle for the FX HO is a direct replacement nozzle. The new lengthened design delivers a full 1 MPH speed gain over stock. The adjustable pivot point position improves the turning radius allowing you to carve tighter turns with a more positive feel. Improved performance through speed, acceleration and handling.

Pt. # 162-14000

FX HO Engine Shims

Engine Shims are essential for precise engine alignment. R&D Engine Shims have a tab that provides easy insertion and removal. Shims are made of stainless steel and have etched numbers to identify thickness. Shims available in thickness of .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", .030", .050".

FX HO Pump Seal Kit

R&D's new pump seal kit for the FX HO stuffs up all the unwanted cavities in the pump shoe that aid in producing cavitation. This kit offers a way to seal the pump shoe, which will reduce cavitation and increase pump efficiency and performance.

Pt. # 162-00003 For Stock Scoop Grate
Pt. # 162-00005 For R&D Aquavein Scoop Grate

R&D Billet Exhaust Outlet

Pt. # 331-30000 3" Diameter
Pt. # 331-32750 2.75" Diameter
R&D High Temperature Silicon Couplings

Pt. # 061-30030 3"-3"
Pt. # 061-32500 3"-2" Reducer
Pt. # 061-32501 2.75"-2.5" Reducer
Pt. # 061-32750 3"-2.75" Reducer

R&D/TTO Tachometer

The R&D/TTO Tach is water resistant and will monitor two and four stroke single and multiple cylinder applications to 10,000 rpm within 10rpm accuracy. Functions including: peak rpm memory, hour meter, rpm recall and constant rpm display.

Pt. # 802-12104

R&D Valve Stem Concentricity Gauge

The R&D Valve Stem Concentricity Gauge is a testing tool to check the roundness and trueness of valves. Small valves can distort or bend from heat produced in high performance supercharged or turbo charged engines. To achieve a perfect seal on the seat the valve needs to be concentric and true in every dimension. Gauge is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of valve sizes and features a rigid, positive stop that can be set once and the trueness for an entire set of valves can be measured. Kit comes complete with dial indicator accurate to .001”. This is a must have tool for any engine builder to get the most out of your high performance 4 stroke engine.

Pt. #612-80010

FX HO Cam Tensioner Tool

The R&D Cam Tensioner Tool is designed to mechanically spring preload the cam chain in order to set and verify cam timing. This eliminates the process of pressurizing the hydraulic cam tensioner to verify cam timing. 

Pt. # 612-92015

FX HO Valve Spring Compression Tool Kit

The R&D Valve Spring Compression Tool Kit allows easy removal of the intake or exhaust valve springs and keepers without removing the cylinder head. R&D recommends using the compression adapter from a compression gauge kit to pressurize cylinder keeping valves in place during removal of springs and keepers.

Pt. # 612-92013

R&D High Performance Dual Valve Spring Kit

R&D has developed an economical solution for upgrading the valve train by offering a series of upgrade parts that will work great with the O.E.M. retainer and valve seals. R&D has documented that the seat tension or pressure on the stock springs is a low 52-55 pounds, and coil bind on the stock springs occurs .050” after full lift on the stock cams. As an industry rule or standard, as boost levels are increased to the engine, the valve spring seat pressure should be increased 1-2 pounds per pound of boost. As an industry rule, as RPM'S are increased, the spring pressure at full lift should be increased as well to reduce or eliminate valve float at high rpm frequencies. With the stock springs “short lift travel” shimming is NOT an option. Valve Springs MUST be upgraded.
Also to consider is valve spring travel at full cam lift, and to have enough spring clearance freedom to run high performance camshafts or add additional spring tension pressures without coil bind issues. The R&D spring kit parts were developed and used with stock retainers during the 2009 season and have proven their performance with an APBA/IJSBA Pro Open National Championship.
R&D dual springs are a “lightweight design” and manufactured from ultra clean, high tensile material with multi step surface treatments to improve fatigue strength and reliability. NOTE: R&D Spring Kits must use the R&D Bottom Spring Retainer Cups kit Pt. # 612-93006 for proper assembly and seat pressures!

Engine Tuning Features
• 70-75 pounds at seat, 140-150 pounds at full lift (standard spec.)
• Shim friendly, add R&D spring collar base shims to add 2 pounds per .010 shim added
• Allows the use of higher lift cams (up to +.080)
• Linear spring pressure curve allows smooth precision valve control, adds to overall horsepower
• High performance materials and surface finishes add to reliability

Pt. # 612-93001 Dual Valve spring kit (set of 16)

R&D High Performance Valve Shim Kits

The R&D spring base collar “shims” offer precision valve spring tension shimming to fine tune spring seat pressures based on boost pressures the engine will run at. The R&D shim kits are offered in the thicknesses of .010”, .020”, and .030”. Each shim kit will have 16 shims per kit.

Pt. # 612-93003 .010” Thick Shim Kit (set of 16)
Pt. # 612-93004 .020” Thick Shim Kit (set of 16)
Pt. # 612-93005 .030” Thick Shim Kit (set of 16)


R&D High Performance Bottom Spring Retainer Cups

R&D spring retainer cups will install under the R&D valve spring and support and house the bottom of the spring securely.  The R&D Spring Retainer Cups must be used with the R&D spring kits for proper assembly.  Use R&D Valve Spring Shim Kits to fine tune valve spring seat pressure.

Pt. # 612-93006


R&D High Performance Valve Stem Seal Kit

R&D offers High Performance Valve Stem Seal Kits manufactured from only the best high quality Viton rubber materials that will resist high valve guide and oil temperatures to maintain a good valve seal in all high rpm, high performance applications. When valve springs are changed out or periodic head service work is being performed, trust R&D Valve Stem Seal Kits at any performance level.

Pt. # 612-93007 Valve Stem Seal Kit (set of 16)

R&D’s “BIG ASS” Prop Wrench

R&D's Big Ass prop wrench takes the fight out of removing any tough to remove prop. Changing the prop at the beach without a vise is no problem. Also light enough to carry in your luggage while traveling to international races. The key is LEVERAGE! The 28” long wrenches are made from ½” plate aluminum and utilize an ID hex to get maximum bite without slipping on the prop tool. With these tools your prop changing headaches are over, guaranteed. Measure your existing spline tool and Solas or Skat-Trak prop tool and order the proper size wrenches.

Pt. # 132-56001 Hex size .875” Fits Skat-Trak Prop Tool for Super Jet/Raider/Blaster

Pt. # 132-56002 Hex size .910” Fits Solas Shaft Spline Tool for Super Jet

Pt. # 132-56003 Hex size 1.000” Fits Skat-Trak Prop Tool for SHO/FZR/FZS/GPR/HO/FX/VX
Fits R&D GPR/Super Jet Shaft Spline Tool (Pt. #132-55099)

Pt. # 132-56004 Hex size 1.125” Fits R&D Shaft Spline Tool for SHO/FZR/FZS (Pt. # 132-55100)

Pt. # 132-56005 Hex size 1.150” Fits Solas Shaft Spline Tool for GPR

Pt. # 132-56006 Hex size 1.175” Fits Solas Tool 1.175”

Pt. # 132-56007 Hex size 1.415” Fits Solas Prop Tool for SHO/FZ

R&D’s “BIG ASS” Coupler Wrench

R&D's Big Ass Coupler Wrench takes the fight out of removing the tough to remove SHO/FZR driveline couplers. The key is LEVERAGE! The 37” long wrench is made from ½” plate aluminum and utilizes an indexing shape the mirrors that of the coupler to give maximum support to the coupler so it will not be damaged in the removal process. With this tool your coupler changing headaches are over, guaranteed. 

Pt. # 132-57002

R&D Pro Pitch Impeller

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