SuperJet Exhaust Power Sleeve

The new R&D billet aluminum Power Sleeve is designed to insert into the stinger of the stock exhaust to reduce the stinger size. The smaller stinger will increase back pressure and speed up the sonic wave in the exhaust pipe. The simple installation will increase top speed on a stock class SuperJet up to 2 MPH. Used to win 2016 Junior Ski World Championship!

Pt. # 332-00701


SuperJet Afterburner Pump Core Sleeve/Adjustable Cone Kit - Now Available

Transform the O.E.M SuperJet Pump into a high performing large hub, high pressure axial flow design inexpensively with the exclusive R&D Large Hub Afterburner Pump Core sleeve and adjustable Anti-cavitation Pump Cone Kit design . Experience much better hole shots and 1 mph plus gains in top speed performance with the added pump efficiency and thrust. The Afterburner Pump Core will drastically increase pump hook up and rear end traction. The innovative and superior R&D design allows impeller changes to be made easily in minutes. The Afterburner Anti-cavitation rear cone length is tunable with kit supplied spacer shims which allows custom peak RPM tuning for any brand or pitch of impeller. Better holeshots, hook up, top speed, tuneability, and R&D quality at a very reasonable price! Dollar for dollar the R&D Afterburner Pump Core Kits performance cannot be beat.

Pt. # 162-00701


EZ-Slide Bunk Glides

The new R&D EZ-Slide Bunk Glides are designed to mount directly on the top side of the trailer bunks creating a new low friction slippery surface that allows the watercraft to glide on or off the trailer, making loading and unloading a personal watercraft easy. Designed and molded from high density urethane to significantly support the hull surface for proper trailering. The EZ-Slides are black in color and come in a six piece set complete with stainless steel button head mounting hardware. One set needed per watercraft. Order a set today and take the work out of loading and unloading your watercraft.

Pt. # 001-00122

SuperJet Inline Intake Manifold - Now Available

The new SuperJet Mikuni Super BN 46mm Intake Manifold/Carb Plate is built with 118mm carb centers (exact engine centers) and designed to match the OEM Reed Valve with R&D Stuffers (Pt. # 272-70302). Made from cast aluminum this manifold makes it easy to mount larger carbs that the SuperJet powerplant responds well to.

Pt. # 222-76000


SuperJet Tru-Align Driveline Couplers - Now Available

The new billet aluminum design delivers maximum strength and balance for those high horsepowered Yamaha's. These couplers allow for precision engine alignment which drastically reduces vibration. Accepts OEM rubber biscuit.

Pt. # 612-70300

SuperJet Cast Aluminum Heads - Now Available

The Performance Head from R&D will get your motor running. This affordable precision cast design delivers all the performance of billet without the staggering price tag. Raising the OEM compression ratio boosts the horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range, increasing acceleration and speed. Available in multiple cc ranges and comes with all hardware.

Pt. # 412-70030 701 30cc (Mod)
Pt. # 412-70035 701 35cc (Rec)
Pt. # 412-76030 760 30cc (Mod)
Pt. # 412-76035 760 35cc (Rec)

SuperJet Power Plenum Filter - Now Available

The new R&D Power Plenum for the SuperJet is now available. Dyno tested and championship proven Power Plenum Filters generate the maximum airflow and volume, period. Which means more horsepower, increased throttle response, acceleration and top speed. The exclusive lightweight R&D design incorporates velocity stacks and is engineered to improve air speed. The unique Pro-Lock base allows for quick removal, for those spontaneous carb adjustments. They are maintenance free, all you have to do is bolt them on and go. Immediate championship performance for your Yamaha.

Pt. # 202-00138

SuperJet OEM Reed Stuffer - Now Available

The R&D Reed Stuffers for the SuperJet stand up have been relied on over the past decade to deliver stronger power. This stuffer is designed to drop into the OEM reed valve and create a blue printed match between the OEM manifold and reed valve. Stuffing up the reed eliminates air turbulence, creating maximum airflow, improved velocity to the intake ports, and allows the engine to pull more fuel through bottom and mid range rpm. Producing crisp throttle response and increased bottom and mid power.

Pt. # 272-70302

SuperJet Race Grate - Now Available

The new Race Grate combines the design elements of the R&D aluminum Pump Shoe (not Limited Legal) and the performance advantages of the R&D Pro 2 D.D. Aquavein. Thus creating the ultimate Limited Race Grate with the increased pick up area of the lowered rear chip. The lowered chip area also produces down force to the nose of the craft to reduce porpoising.

Pt. # 112-70108

SuperJet Engine Shims - Now Available

Engine Shims are essential for precise engine alignment. R&D Engine Shims have a tab that provides easy insertion and removal. Shims are made of stainless steel and have etched numbers to identify thickness. Shims available in thickness of .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", .030", .050".

R&D’s “BIG ASS” Prop Wrench

R&D's Big Ass prop wrench takes the fight out of removing any tough to remove prop. Changing the prop at the beach without a vise is no problem. Also light enough to carry in your luggage while traveling to international races. The key is LEVERAGE! The 28” long wrenches are made from ½” plate aluminum and utilize an ID hex to get maximum bite without slipping on the prop tool. With these tools your prop changing headaches are over, guaranteed. Measure your existing spline tool and Solas or Skat-Trak prop tool and order the proper size wrenches.

Pt. # 132-56001 Hex size .875” Fits Skat-Trak Prop Tool for Super Jet/Raider/Blaster

Pt. # 132-56002 Hex size .910” Fits Solas Shaft Spline Tool for Super Jet

Pt. # 132-56003 Hex size 1.000” Fits Skat-Trak Prop Tool for SHO/FZR/FZS/GPR/HO/FX/VX
Fits R&D GPR/Super Jet Shaft Spline Tool (Pt. #132-55099)

Pt. # 132-56004 Hex size 1.125” Fits R&D Shaft Spline Tool for SHO/FZR/FZS (Pt. # 132-55100)

Pt. # 132-56005 Hex size 1.150” Fits Solas Shaft Spline Tool for GPR

Pt. # 132-56006 Hex size 1.175” Fits Solas Tool 1.175”

Pt. # 132-56007 Hex size 1.415” Fits Solas Prop Tool for SHO/FZ

R&D/Solas SuperJet Impeller - Now Available

R&D/Solas Concord Impeller will reduce cavitation, and add to top speed performance.

Pt. # 132-01317 - Recreational Prop - Solas 13/17 Concord

SuperJet Aquavein Pro2 Double Deep - Now Available
"Making The Best Better"

We are proud to announce the release of our new SuperJet Pro 2 Double Deep Aquavein Intake Grate. Not resting on our laurels, we have stepped up the performance of our already dominant Pro 2 and added the latest technology that we have developed over the past three years. The new Pro 2 D.D. will launch you into the 21st century of scoop grate performance. Designed to work with the R&D stuffer and aluminum pump shoe.

Pt. # 112-70105

SuperJet Rev 2 Dry Pipe - Now Available

R&D announces the release of the award winning SuperJet Rev 2 Dry Pipe. Previously available only to in-house team racers, this system produces in excess of 140+ horsepower on a full R&D Dominator Superstock Race Legal Powerplant. But that's on the Dyno. What does it do on the water? A solid 66-67 MPH with acceleration that turns every head on the beach and a few stomachs. R&D Exhaust Technology dominated every round of the 2000 Pro-Ski Tour and the Expert Limited Close Course World Championships. Use it and win!

Pt. # 332-70102

SuperJet ProSeries Ride Plate - Now Available

We’ve taken our popular SuperJet Ride Plate and made it even better for '08. The new R&D SuperJet Pro Series Ride Plate has an improved plaining surface, rear contour shape and a D-shaped bottom hole for added traction. This plate delivers the best handling performance on the market, with reduced porpoising, increased high speed stability, improved traction and cornering.

Pt. # 122-70108

SuperJet Reed Spacer - Now Available

R&D's new reed spacer for the Yamaha SuperJet is now available. The angled design adds case volume, opens up the path of the rear boost port and redirects the intake charge over the top of the crankshaft and up the transfer ports. Improving power throughout the RPM range.

Pt. # 262-70101

R&D/TTO Tachometer

The R&D/TTO Tach is water resistant and will monitor two and four stroke single and multiple cylinder applications to 10,000 rpm within 10rpm accuracy. Functions including: peak rpm memory, hour meter, rpm recall and constant rpm display.

Pt. # 802-12104

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