EZ-Slide Bunk Glides

The new R&D EZ-Slide Bunk Glides are designed to mount directly on the top side of the trailer bunks creating a new low friction slippery surface that allows the watercraft to glide on or off the trailer, making loading and unloading a personal watercraft easy. Designed and molded from high density urethane to significantly support the hull surface for proper trailering. The EZ-Slides are black in color and come in a six piece set complete with stainless steel button head mounting hardware. One set needed per watercraft. Order a set today and take the work out of loading and unloading your watercraft.

Pt. # 001-00122

Ultra 250 Driveshaft Shim Kit - Now Available

The R&D driveshaft shims install into the prop snout and remove the unwanted play or float the driveshaft has in the prop/pump assembly. Properly shimming the driveshaft will keep the driveshaft couplers fully engaged. Fully engaged couplers eliminates premature rubber dampner wear and failure.

Pt. # 161-00810

R&D/TTO Tachometer

The R&D/TTO Tach is water resistant and will monitor two and four stroke single and multiple cylinder applications to 10,000 rpm within 10rpm accuracy. Functions including: peak rpm memory, hour meter, rpm recall and constant rpm display.

Pt. # 802-12104

ZXI Power Plenum Air Filter - Now Available

Pt. # 200-03120 ZXI, STX 900-1100 pre '98
Pt. # 201-11000 ZXI 1100 '98+, STX '98+

ZXI Pro Series Cast Head - Now Available

Pt. # 411-90028 900 ZXI 28cc
Pt. # 411-90032 900 ZXI 32cc
Pt. # 411-11027 1100 ZXI 27cc
Pt. # 411-11031 1100 ZXI 31cc
Pt. # 411-11034 '98 1100 STX/ZXI 34cc

ZXI Aquavein Intake Grate - Now Available

Pt. # 111-75500

ZXI Ride Plate - Now Available

Pt. # 121-75500

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